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Please, Lighten up will you!

The new Burger commercial with the crazy King in it, is causing health care professionals of the psychological type to be outraged. (find it on You Tube, search- crazy king, the king or burger king)

They all have their boxers and panties in a wad and they are fit to be tied, (with a rope or straight jacket, whatever their preference) and are speaking out against the ad.

They feel that the crazy King is making fun of the poor unfortunate souls that these doctors deal with on a daily basis. The mentally challenged and crazy bunch who reside in mental institutions across America and around the globe.

Well, how do you think our beloved senior citizens in America felt, when the “Where’s the Beef” lady was shouting out about cheep hamburgers being served by the fast food industry in America, making them all look like a bunch of cheep penny-pinching Kooks!

How about those individuals who are from Southern decent, who had to withstand years of torture by the “Hey, Does that thing got a Hemi” guy in the Dodge commercials? That didn’t make the Southerners look to awful brilliant now did it!

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is another one that picked on seniors for a long long time.

How about this one, it offended millions across America. The hairless bug-eyed Chihuahua (little dog) that ran around Shouting “YOQUERO TACO BELL”. They stood up to the torment of being labeled as eating Mexican food, just because of their name. Mexican Chihuahua. They stood there on their short little legs and took it for years and without so much as a squeak from any of them. Even they knew it was all in fun!

So all I have to say is lighten up. You shrinks and psychiatric doctors aren’t Gods,  so get off your high horse and learn to laugh about things a little bit, I’m warning you all, Because I hear that in the next Commercial, they are going to turn the tables on you. So you better learn to laugh about things and do it quick, before the two guys in white suits come after YOU!


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