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MA. School Steps up to stop Bullying

The school had students make anonymous lists of the bullies in their school, and then turn them in.

The school is then watching and educating the students on the list about bullying.

Now the kids on the list say they are being bullied because they are on the list.

Someone also asked how they knew the students were naming actual bullies and not just picking other kids to get them in trouble. The principal commented that the names of the kids who were actually doing the bullying appeared frequently. So they are pretty sure who the real bullies are.

I cheer this schools administration and hope that more schools provide this avenue to the students so the bullies can be dealt with, before things get really out of hand for anyone.

I would also like to see more dads across America stand up and deal with their own children if their kid is shown to be a bully. You see, most bully kids usually pick on smaller kids  or unpopular shy, or bigger ones because they know they usually won’t fight back. Everyone knows how it works and if your kid is a bully then they are seen by the majority watching as being the actual problem children and true cowards because they are the actual misfits in society not the other kids.

Do you really want others looking at your kid that way? It sorta reflects on you ya know!


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