T’s UP to Mark Levin and Down to Sean Hannity

Thumbs Up, Mark Levin is an American guy with an agenda of clearing out and bringing light to the corrupt B.S. that takes place in this great country daily. He is the guy who is on the line for the regular American Citizen and not trying to sell a bunch of crap to get rich.

Oh sure he has a book to sell or maybe a few of them, I’m not sure. But one thing is different from the way Sean Hannity does it, he actually cares about what is going on in America and doesn’t give a rats ass if he walks away with a dime while doing it.

In my further oppinion, Sean Hannity on the other hand is one of those guys who is charging for Sign-Up on his site and selling what he can to line his wallet. He says he cares about America but when you go to his site to see what his spiel is all about they want you to register and pay $5.95 a month before you can hear any of his archived radio broadcasts.

Now either he is making millions from people wanting to hear his shows for $5.95 a month or he is just set on trying to make a buck. I doubt it’s millions so he would probably do better to drop the $5.95 charge per month and to make his material free. Then I may want to buy his book. NOT. By charging, he’s got as much of a chance to get rich as old Uncle Jed did while hunting for food. It isn’t likely to happen!

So listen up to Mark Levin, because he is the guy who is doing it for us for FREE and trying to make America a better place for all and for generations to come!

VISIT THE MARK LEVIN SHOW NOW! Check out his archived radio shows and his Web Site for FREE and see what he is all about!


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