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Tiger Woods accepts Nike commercial with style.

I am not to happy with what he has done in his marriage, but they also say that it takes two to tango, or so I’ve heard. But there was one thing that I was glad to see happen regarding the New Nike commercial.

Go find it on You Tube, and see how you think you may have handled it. I feel that he did an exceptional job with his comments about it, and if he actually meant them, then he won that round as far as I’m concerned.

In the commercial, you see a frozen picture of Woods and there is a voice talking to him which is supposed to be his father, from heaven and he is asking him if he learned anything etc. etc.. etc…

Woods commented that his dad always had a way of talking to him when he needed it. Those aren’t his words exactly, but that’s what I got out of his comments about the commercial.

Sure, Nike ran the ad for exposure, but for whatever reason it was done, many people would have gotten mad about the use of their father.

For his reaction to this ad, I have to salute his coolness and adult demeanor. Maybe his problems have helped him to grow more as a person than in the past.


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