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It has been estimated that almost 4 Million people will end up paying fines for not getting the mandatory health coverage the government wants us to spend our money on.

If  it will cost you more than 8% of your income you will be exempt because you are lower class. Most all of the upper class who have money still left over to burn at the end of each month will go for the insurance. This leaves those estimated middle class individuals earning below $60,000 or $120,000 if married in the pot that will experience the biggest losses and the most trouble by having to get the insurance.

When they have to give up to 8% of their income for insurance, you will see a lot of these people go bankrupt and lose everything. If they refuse to get it they will be fined anywhere from $600 to $1,000 dollars or more and it will come out of any tax money they expected to get back for that year.

Many of these people need this tax money for necessary repairs to their homes or auto’s. They pay down credit cards and other bills including property taxes with their tax returns. It will hurt these people tremendously.

Isn’t there something that is just plain wrong with the government making you do something or getting fined if you don’t? If this is allowed to happen then what will be the next thing they will be fining us on for our own good?

Exactly what will it be that they will make you spend your hard-earned dollars for next? Even if you can’t really afford it!

This isn’t the way that our government is supposed to work. Did you get to vote on the health care bill? No, neither did anyone else and why not? You weren’t included in the law making process this time. It wasn’t put on a ballot for the American public to vote on. How about next time they want to pass something that makes you pay for something even when you can’t afford it? Will you be included then!

Probably not, since they did it this time, they will most certainly do it again!

This is something that has to be stopped and rather quickly I might add. It’s not the way our government was meant to operate.!

We are the people and we are the government in this country, of which  those elected should all be doing things for the good of everybody and not telling us we have to do something for our own good, that many will unfortunately have to choose not to do and be fined.

That’s Just Plain Wrong!


  1. yo yo ma
    August 12, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    I happen to agree with you 150 % since when does the government have the right to force us to pay for thing’s we all may not be able to afford !!!!!
    If they want it to be mandatory for all american’s to have health insurance then they should provide free health care for all of us in the entire country like so many other countries !! I am one of those people who cannot afford to pay for health ins. so I will be one of those people who are fined. Also how are they going to monitor who has health ins. or not ? This is also a invasion of privacywhich they are obviously taking more of every day .

    • Bankruptnooption.
      August 28, 2012 at 6:55 PM

      You’re right, we lose more of our privacy daily in this country and it has to stop before everything we do is recorded and scrutinized by our government.

      Thanks for writing,

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