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More people want to rule you more than ever.


Well, in Michigan they have taken away some more of our rights and I wonder when it will stop, if ever! The anti-smoking law is about to come into effect May First.

This means that you will no longer smoke in most any public place! It was passed by people who care about others so much, that they want you to stop smoking around other people so they don’t get cancer from second-hand smoke.

They also care about the rising cost of health care and making everybody healthier will definitely help a bit

So we All lose another right. Yes I said we All. Why? Because if you jump on a bandwagon to stop someone from doing something, just remember this. The rights you take away from those who exercise them, are rights that you are taking away from yourself even if you do not choose to exercise them.

You have lost one of your rights for every law passed that takes away a right from others.

The real problem is that they are starting to get a little extreme and now they are starting to dictate what we can and can not do in our personal lives, which is dead wrong.

If you are one of the people who are getting your jollies by pushing for these freedom limiting laws to be put into effect because you don’t exercise your rights under any of these laws, then just hold on a minute.

You are going to see an extreme movement with various pushes to change various laws that will limit your freedoms also. Mark my words on this! If more and more laws change that take away freedoms from certain different groups, you will be faced with a challenge on every law that you won’t want to see changed, But remember this, IT WILL BE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

I wonder how much money we could save annually in our health care system and how much healthier of a country we could become by limiting the usage of Alcohol!

You see, every question that was used to get the ball rolling on anti-smoking laws or other laws that have taken away our rights, can also be put to use with other things. So why not open up a new can of worms because we don’t want to see anyone die of Cirrhosis of the Liver or any other diseases caused by consuming Alcohol. Plus, just think of the huge savings of lives, money and manpower, by eliminating drunk driving accidents from the roadways of the U.S.A.!

What next, Hunting, Fishing, I know, you could better protect yourself by doing just like Canada and taking our Guns!

We all have to start standing up to these people who have nothing better to do than to take away rights from others and our children! Before it’s to late!



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