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We Don’t buy it for the Toy, Smart Ones!

I can remember buying many a box of Cracker Jack’s, and it was usually because I was looking for a nice treat to eat. The sweet popcorn morsels along with all those great peanuts was just usually to good to pass up. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you got some kind of a goofy little activity toy included in the box as a prize.

Usually you got the toy out by shaking the box and feeling along the sides to find it. Us smart ones would open the box upside down and take it out first. But irregardless of the toy, the yummy popcorn treat was usually consumed in record time with an empty box going into the trash.

Understand this; The toy wasn’t the reason for buying the product.

So in a county in California, you can no longer take your child to any of the fast food restaurants and get them the toy if you so wish, because there has now been a law passed to stop the sale of toys at fast food restaurants.

Yes people it’s true! No more happy meals for generations to come. That includes your kids children too.

The smart caring people did this for you because it’s the toy that was drawing you to eat fast food, which has now been labeled as mainly being very bad for you.

So the reality of it is; You and your kids have just lost another right in a free country because some group of people is over eager to make everyone in America healthy by stopping you from eating at fast food restaurants.

Can you believe it folks!

Only in America! The land of the Free, or is it?

I have to stop writing about this loss of our rights, because I can’t come up with anything else to say about it that’s not full of colorful expletives.

Another Right Lost!

God Bless America! Or have they Outlawed Him Completely Now Also!


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