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Ernie Harwell, Mr. Baseball, His Last Inning at 92.

You see – when we think of Ernie Harwell, most people automatically hear his renowned voice. A voice that for decade after decade filled every open space of air, where ever there was a loyal Tiger fan and a dusty old radio. His voice echoed from basement-workshops and backyard-garages with pennants tacked to the walls, from front porches on warm summer nights and corner gas stations during the heat of a slow Sunday afternoon. Wherever you were at, Ernie was there with you and he took you to the game, from the very first pitch to the final out in the last inning, when you couldn’t be there in person, but had the time to listen to his colorful, fabulous descriptions of the action.

Even now, when we reflect back to days and years gone by, times past, we can still see ourselves wherever we were at, doing whatever we were doing way back then and still hear that voice in the background doing what he loved to do for us.

He announced many games during many different things that were happening in and around the city of Detroit and Ernie became one of those people who put many others at ease. Whenever they heard his voice coming from the radio, you were confident that when Ernie was broadcasting the day’s game, everything was all right in the world.

I have never heard of anyone who was as well liked as Ernie or who has come across as being as nice a fellow as he was. Many souls will miss him greatly, as his passing brings us all just a little step closer to our own mortality.

Another season of our lives down here has ended and now a famous announcer calls the plays above, just waiting to introduce us to the rest of the team who has gone on and joined the big game before we do.

Thanks for the Memories Sir and for being the great role model that you were and by the way, until I get there, can you save me a seat behind the dugout! I still need a few more autographs!

Rest In Peace.


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