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Group input, Messing with Education

Texas is usually a roll model state for new school text books, being a big influence as to how the other states update their own text books when necessary.

So what is going on you ask? Well Texas needs new books and there is a battle brewing between several groups, over what information is going to be included in the new books and who should decide it.

Apparently there are many groups that want to change, add, or eliminate things in the text books, because of their beliefs or lifestyles. Some people want to remove things altogether, while others want to add some things that never happened and teach them as if they had.

Some of what they want is pretty extreme and so the battle is on and expected to go to court and take years to decide. So what does this tell us about the education system in this country?

Well, In the years gone by, the education system worked well and taught everyone equally and properly. Back then, both schools and government seemed to run pretty smoothly.

Lawmakers were able to deal and agree on changes that were good for the majority, while the educational system operated very well and equally throught the country. There was less fighting and disagreements than there is nowadays. Educating our children was left to the teachers and administrators and no one butted in.

Then, in the nineteen seventies, in came new ways of teaching, along with different material and books from school to school. Each thinking they had the best curriculum and things just kept on getting more and more seperated in the US school system.

Teachers also started moving around for better pay and started to loose their passion for teaching, causing students to fall between the cracks. This continued on for years as good teaching and solid curriculums slowly fell apart, to the point that it has actually affected each passing generation of students who grew up. The very people who grew up to become our lawmakers, educators and parents we have running things today.

School is a persons first job, so to speak and until the seventies, the kids had learned that everyone is equal and everyone deserves the same fair treatment. Everyone got
the same yellow pencil, the same books and learned the same thing as every class in every state before them, whether they liked it or not.

Students graduated and went on with their lives with equal mentality. The system worked well because everyone was educated on an equal basis and taught just what the school system thought everyone needed to get them to college or through life.

With all the trouble it has now, school doesn’t give people the intelligence or send them into the world with enough intestinal fortitude to figure out how to run their daily lives. You hear almost daily, somebody who is wondering how someone that they know has made it this far in their life.

Poor education is affecting our decision making and our ability to work together to solve problems as a group. To decide what the best answers for everyone would be.

Instead of creating everyone equal like the Declaration of Independence says we are entitled to be, the schools are creating individuals with no common threads or ties between them.

The schools used to teach patriotism! We used to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, not the seperately taught states.

The schools are here because a country was created long ago and in order for it to prosper we needed educated people to keep it moving in the right direction. Everyone is therefore entitled to a good education.

We all know America is just a big melting pot of nationalities all trying to live together under one roof, but when it comes to education and what should be in text books, why dont we leave that up to the educators who deal with it daily. They know best!


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