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Well I have finally had it and I might just sound like Shawn Hannity or Mark Lavine with this one and I am not talking about the swearing either.

I just caught an article about two women who were suing a major fast food chain for not being able to wear religous headscarves on their heads while at work.

I do not know if they are legal citizens or not so this is a two part article.

In July 2008, two Muslim women, Toi Whitfield of Detroit and Quiana Pugh of Dearborn, complained, after a manager at a fast food restaurant in Dearborn said they could not wear Islamic headscarves at work. Nabih Ayad, their attorney, filed suit and said that the case may go to trial in a couple of months.

The employees are required by the restaurant dress code to wear baseball type hats and of a certain color only and nothing else. That’s the policy on headgear. You wear the hats and nothing else or you are fired.

The following is if they are not legal citizens of America.

This is where you cover your eyes, because this is America people and not the Middle East. All I can say to those two women, if you aren’t legal citizens and you don’t like the way we do things, go back where you came from. You either live and work in this country as we all do or Good Riddens to the both of you and take your God Damn towels back with you.

How appalling you both are and why do you think you are any better or different because of your religion (than the millions before you with different religions who have worked for that company), that you or anyone should deserve special treatment because of your religion.

In America we generally don’t push religion or religious beliefs on our employers or anyone for that matter.

Listen, if you are just visiting, WE DON’T WEAR FRICKING TOWELS ON OUR HEADS AND IF YOU WAN’T TO THAT’S FINE WITH MOST AMERICANS BECAUSE WE DO HAVE THIS THING CALLED FREEDOM OVER HERE. But in the mean time don’t try too push your ways off on us unless you are legal citizens and if you are, than I’m truly sorry and you have every right to do what you are doing. You go girls!

If you don’t want to become a legal citizen and just want too live here, work and still honor your country, then get on the next boat and go back too your country, because we have enough of that kind all ready and really don’t need any more of your type around here. SO QUIT TRYING TO CHANGE OUR WAYS.

Also, You claim to be kind and compassionate people, so prove it for once.

Second part. If they are legal, than some things are expected to be changed and you now have the right also to try to change things that don’t suit you.

If you are legal citizens, than maybe change some of your ways to fit the country you choose to live and raise your children in! We aren’t where you used to live! Try waving our flag during your ralies and quit desecrating our American soil by waving flags of other nations.

While you make a descent living over here and raise your family, just remember that there are service men and women in the line of fire, dying for our freedom in this country, the freedom you are enjoying. Waving anything but an American flag is just like spitting in their faces or on our fallen soldiers graves.

Many people have come to this country with their whole family and they all learned english, became legal citizens and fought and died for our freedom. They live in average American homes that speak only English and that taught the ideas this country was founded upon too their children.
They taught their children too pledge allegiance to our flag and our country.

You see, once they were here, they would have taken up arms against their prior homelands if America felt it was necessary to do so.

Face facts, there is not one single group of people in this country that will ever have everything their way and thats because we learn too give and take in our society.

You chose too become citizens, live here, work here and raise your family.

So answer this, why do most of you still honor the country you came from, more than the country you choose too live? Remember, that doesn’t go for all, but it fits for most!

P.S. Thats what I meant to say and no one can misinterpret that.

  1. Jane Doe
    August 23, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    My previous comment might be a bit too crass to survive moderation.

    I disagree. Immigrants have just the same right to change things as we all do, good sir.

  2. John Smith
    August 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    This is actually quite crass and, summarily, bad taste. You give patronage to the ‘ideals of democracy’, yet you so hatefully protest one’s *right* to desecrate the so-called ‘american way of life’.

    That last sentence. Non-natives should stop trying to change things? They have just the same right to change things as you do.

    • Bankruptnooption.
      August 27, 2012 at 8:51 AM

      No one has the right too desecrate the american way of life. I am sorry though, because after proofreading the story again, I did realize I had combined two seperate issues, which made it sound the way you said. It is now separated into two sections that are more definitive than the original article.

    • April 10, 2014 at 11:40 AM

      Thanks for your opinion, they all matter.
      However please show me where it is written that non citizens in this country have the same rights that legal citizens do and then let me see one vote during an election! Also my personal opinion on how I feel about legal citizens desecrating American symbols, ideas, or ways is just that, my opinion. They have the right to do so but I don’t have to like it. Now for someone to desecrate America and not be a legal citizen, well lets just say that this is a great country because if you tried that in their country you would probably be stoned to death! Yet they can do it here and walk away with no repercussion at all!

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