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A boy n his pet, a city n it’s resident.

Facts. Pet store in Warren mi.

Boy who lives in Warren.

Warren doesn’t allow pet pot belly pigs, but you can sell them there.

Parent asks pet shop cashier if you can have a pot belly pig in Warren and is told yes.

Parent buys pig for Christmas present for boy.

Boy has pet into March.

Neighbor calls city and complains.

Mayor and police chief can not find a way for the boy to keep his pet.

Boy loves pet but parents have to take it back to the store to see if they will buy it back.

Store buys pig back.

Child is heartbroken.

Mayor and chief make store post sign that no pigs are allowed in Warren…

End of story. It makes me sick to think that an adult would do something like that to a child! With neighbors like that who needs enemies.

Sure the parent should have checked with the city first instead of relying on the pet shop employees to know if it was legal.

The pet shop should have trained their employees better.

The city should have required the shop to post a sign from the begining, if they are selling any animal the city doesn’t allow.

The cashier should have found out the answer instead of making one up.

They all need to sit down together with the boy and first apologize fully to the child. Then explain to him what happened and why. Now do anything the boy wants that will chear him up.

Scar a child for life. Good going everybody. You all are responsible for hurting this little boy. Separating him from the pet he played with and loved. SO FIX IT !

The Poor child. And if he grows up with a little anger management problem, you all can pat yourselves on the back for that one.

You see people, every one of your actions affects others, no matter who you are or what it is. So think before you act next time! Before you scar someone for life, unintentionally!

What a shame!


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