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Giant Food company, making you search.

Giant Foods, Is another company that must be embarrassed by recalls. Stop it already!

Listen, recalls as we all know, are and will continue to be a part of life.

But if the recall deals with the health and wellbeing of consumers, why wouldn’t they make every effort possible to make all the necessary information available to consumers?

I am sick and tired of having to search for lists of who a recalled product was distributed to. That information should be posted on their home page, so consumers have it without having to click and search for it.

When are these companies going to take responsibility and make these lists easier too find because doesn’t always have the list either and will frequently refer you too the companies site to find out where the product was distributed.

As business owners I don’t know why you can’t be up front with the info but realize this, it only makes you look less credible than you are.

Think about that before your next recall. It’s man or mouse, credibility or lack there of, you decide.

In the mean time remember this, if consumers have a hard time finding information on your recalled products, it’s your list of consumers that will shrink your list of distributors, making your future recall info easier to check for everyone!



Ccw, possibly saves a families lives.

How about this for everybody that wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens.

A neighbor down the street decided one summers evening just after sunset, to walk his wife and kids down to the corner party store for an icecream, expecting to enjoy the evening and cool off from the heat of the day.

They never expected the following.

While walking back home, talking and eating their frosty treats, a car veers onto the shoulder of the road behind them.

They all turned around and watched as the car eased back in it’s lane and drove past them.

The car suddenly turned right, onto the side street about 50 feet ahead of them and came too an abrupt stop.

The neighbor sees someone step out of the far side of the car who quickly starts moving towards the trunk of the vehicle. So the neighbor tells his wife and kids too get back.

He then steps toward the passenger rear corner of the car hopeing to find out what the person wanted before they could open the trunk and possibly grab a weapon, just in case they were up too no good.

He suddenly stops, as he sees the driver come around the corner of the trunk with a knife, yelling to the neighbor that he can do anything he wants.

The man proceeds towards the neighbor, waving the knife and now yelling that he will kill them, swearing more with each step.

So, the neighbor stops, reaches under the side of his shirt and draws his fully legal pistol from it’s holster.

He then steps back, taking an angled stance, with his gun lowered along side his leg, pointing straight down at the ground.

The neighbor then extends his other arm fully, hand tipped up, palm out and very sternly yells STOP! Standing back and seeing her husband draw his gun, his wife realized there was trouble, grabbed the two children and ran for safety.

The driver of the car spots the gun and yells to the neighbor, go ahead and shoot me, if you think you can and continues his approach with the knife held outwards towards the neighbor, while increasing his threats and swearing.

The neighbor yells STOP again.

They are now only two arms lengths apart when the driver finally stops his advancement and suddenly turns away, swearing even louder as he runs for his car, jumps in and speeds off down the street.

The neighbor gathered up his wife and kids, and while walking home too call the police, he calmly explained too his wife, who was against having a gun in the house or him getting a ccw, that that’s the very reason he got one.

The neighbor actually said the police patted him on the back and said they wish there were more responsible citizens like him carrying guns. That it would help to greatly decrease crime if there were.

After hearing the officer tell her husband that, she said she saw the value in having a gun and ccw and said that she wanted to get hers.

What if the neighbor wouldn’t have had his gun with him?

What would you have done without a gun?

We have the right to keep and bare arms.

Who will die if it is taken away? The criminals or the innocent?


Americas Children are Hungry.

Feeding America .org

No Kid Hungry .org

Not many people realize that every night there are children in America who go to sleep hungry.

A country that wastes hundreds of pounds of food per person each and every year, either through production waste, peroration waste, or by just throwing away food that was left over and never eaten.

We need too make up for this and donate food, money, or help too the organizations above too stop this hunger in our great country and keep it great.

Just take this challenge too understand why we have to help.

Pick just one night when you say you are really hungry and skip dinner, don’t eat a single thing, then when it’s time for bed try to go to sleep.

You can’t do it. But millions of children in this country do it many nights of their little lives, so please help!