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Americas Children are Hungry.

Feeding America .org

No Kid Hungry .org
http:// http://nokidhungry.org/partners

Not many people realize that every night there are children in America who go to sleep hungry.

A country that wastes hundreds of pounds of food per person each and every year, either through production waste, peroration waste, or by just throwing away food that was left over and never eaten.

We need too make up for this and donate food, money, or help too the organizations above too stop this hunger in our great country and keep it great.

Just take this challenge too understand why we have to help.

Pick just one night when you say you are really hungry and skip dinner, don’t eat a single thing, then when it’s time for bed try to go to sleep.

You can’t do it. But millions of children in this country do it many nights of their little lives, so please help!


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