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Giant Food company, making you search.

Giant Foods, Is another company that must be embarrassed by recalls. Stop it already!

Listen, recalls as we all know, are and will continue to be a part of life.

But if the recall deals with the health and wellbeing of consumers, why wouldn’t they make every effort possible to make all the necessary information available to consumers?

I am sick and tired of having to search for lists of who a recalled product was distributed to. That information should be posted on their home page, so consumers have it without having to click and search for it.

When are these companies going to take responsibility and make these lists easier too find because recall.gov doesn’t always have the list either and will frequently refer you too the companies site to find out where the product was distributed.

As business owners I don’t know why you can’t be up front with the info but realize this, it only makes you look less credible than you are.

Think about that before your next recall. It’s man or mouse, credibility or lack there of, you decide.

In the mean time remember this, if consumers have a hard time finding information on your recalled products, it’s your list of consumers that will shrink your list of distributors, making your future recall info easier to check for everyone!


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