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The new trend, less for more, or Minisizing!

Have you noticed the new trend in food; fast, carry out, dine in, or even prepared grocery items?

They are finding a new way to give less and make more.

Now you can get, Mini’s, bite size, bites, smallies, little bits and the list goes on. All they are are regular items, that are made smaller.

What this does, is allow them to charge a new higher price per ounce, for the same product they used to sell as a bigger item, but at a cheaper price per ounce.

But unless you know the actual price per ounce of the full sized item and then figure out the price per ounce of the smaller one, you just don’t realize that they charged you more per ounce for the smaller one.

There is a problem with this type of sales, that will soon eliminate the actual smaller items and make smaller just another menu size option, similar too supersizing.

The businesses will all soon realize that now they have too not only sell more minis per day too end up with the same cash in the drawer as when they only sold regular size, but that it will cost them more in labor hours too make the minis too sell. That cuts into the extra profit they thought they would make by selling the minis.

However Just as when super sizing, jumbos, larges, biggies, supers and other new actual larger sized products were experimented with and certain ones lived on, there are a few smaller things that will be created that will remain on the menu, like some of the larger ones have, because they actually fill a gap and their sales will remain good.

So for now enjoy the minis, because only the strong will survive.

Then they will be asking you, Would you like too mini size that?



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