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Find or give food.


It looks as though you could either google this organization for any state, or plug in the four letter abbreviation for your state instead of “mich” and find a great site to find food or donate as well.

They even have a seperate chart for each county that gives you the phone numbers and locations for the different departments that provide help with getting food.

We are talking school meals, state aid, meals on wheels and many many more. There is plenty of help for those who need it.

So if you need a little help putting food on the table and most of us do from time to time, than check it out.

And remember, if you ever are in the position too help out a food bank near you, please do so, because every single donation from a can to a truckload is more that they can give.



It’s gonna hurt.

A few years ago the president gave the American workers a little stimulus bonus in our pay check.

About a grand a year, (dependent on earnings) to help the economy grow. Well the time has come where it magically disappears from your check if it is not renewed by our government.

Since neither one of the candidates who are running for election plan on continuing it next year, you better plan on being a thousand bucks or so short on your overall earnings next year.

About eighty bucks or so a month that you won’t have to live on any more.

So start tightening up the budget even more this January and from then on, because my prediction is for a tougher, year with hundreds of thousands of foreclosures, almost double the food prices and almost five bucks a gallon at the pump.

If things don’t change real soon, we will see a lot more middle class folks drop off the edge into lower class land.

It’s gonna be another tough one so hold on and good luck.


Energizer donates to Detroit residents.

Energizer has donated six thousand, nine volt batteries to Detroit residents, that are too be to be give out at fire stations in the city.

It will soon be time to set our clocks back in November and to replace the batteries in our smoke alarms.

So if you need a battery for your smoke alarm, just take your old one to your nearest fire station and they will give you a brand new Energizer nine volt battery to replace it. As long as they last.

Also, Energizer gave out 50 gift bags to residents that contained, a new smoke alarm, batteries and flashlight.

So, Thank You Energizer, for standing up and being one of the companies that contributes to America in our time of need.


The Holidays are Coming.

It’s getting to be that time of year again folks, where the air feels crisp, the beautiful fall colored leaves brighten our surroundings and the sunny days of summer are transformed into those cold and gloomy days of winter.

Cider mills are bustling with crowds of people, lined up waiting for those tasty treats. Pumpkins are being carefully selected and carted home too create those scary masterpieces we see in many front yards.

It isn’t long before we hear those words that seem to never be lost from year to year, Trick or Treat.

We musts had a hundred kids this year, dad tells mom as he pops one of the remaining morsels from the candy bowl into his mouth. Mom agrees, there were more kid than last year, as she sits on the couch rubbing her sore feet and watches her princess and spider man, compare the goodies they collected on their journey.

Days go by and now mom is looking all over for those missing gloves she thought she put away from last year, because it’s cold out and she has a lot of stores to visit to put together a Thanksgiving feast for all the relatives.

While they are out, dad quietly puts away a few summer items into the shed and digs out the snow shovels, predominantly placing them once again near the front door for easy access, all the while thinking to himself that it won’t be long now!

He ponders, that it should be cold enough this year too keep the extra beverages on the back porch again, while we make room in the fridge for all those tasty pumpkin pies and deserts.

Thanksgiving dinner was a big success as usual and with all the left overs, the pop will remain on the porch for a while longer.

Mon is now in a dizzy, (you do remember that Santa Clause has come tho town) between all of the I want that’s and the I sure could use one of those’s, along with trying too budget enough to still be able to give something to charity this year, she’s not only in a dizzy, but now she threatens that if she hears one more I Want, from anybody, that she will give everything to charity including the tree!

Wow, do you remember the Who’s down in Whoville, and that the Grinch’s heart grew three times it’s size that day. He have back everything he took and he even, carved the roast beast!

I sure hope you enjoyed this little warm up to the holidays, as it was fun too write. But I do have to ask you just one thing.

Please remember to give to charities, soup kitchens, and food banks this year as we celebrate this holiday season. Times are very though right now and they sure could use the kind donations as many people in our communities throughout America are not going too be celebrating the holidays unless we pitch in and make it happen.

Thank You for your kindness this Holiday Season! And in the words of a great comedian, (Red Skelton) Thank You And May God Bless, Goodnight.


Art Van Steps Up

Art Van made a one million dollar donation to the Forgotten Harvest food bank.

Sure they are big business but just remember this.

Moneys Tight, times are tough and even though they will probably write it off, THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT AT ALL!

Thanks Art Van for being one big business that understands that
there is more too being rich than greed.

The holidays and cold weather are closing in. Many are hungry, but now they will eat, thanks to you.