It’s gonna hurt.

A few years ago the president gave the American workers a little stimulus bonus in our pay check.

About a grand a year, (dependent on earnings) to help the economy grow. Well the time has come where it magically disappears from your check if it is not renewed by our government.

Since neither one of the candidates who are running for election plan on continuing it next year, you better plan on being a thousand bucks or so short on your overall earnings next year.

About eighty bucks or so a month that you won’t have to live on any more.

So start tightening up the budget even more this January and from then on, because my prediction is for a tougher, year with hundreds of thousands of foreclosures, almost double the food prices and almost five bucks a gallon at the pump.

If things don’t change real soon, we will see a lot more middle class folks drop off the edge into lower class land.

It’s gonna be another tough one so hold on and good luck.


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