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They need your help. The Salvation Army.

Times are tough, now more than ever, so please donate to your favorite charity this holiday season.
Get a receipt and claim big donations on your taxes. Thats one thing the government hasn’t taken away yet.

Remember to drop some money into the red kettles that you also see around town and patronize the stores that have them. If there isn’t a kettle the store said no to charity and didn’t allow it.

The Salvation Army has done nothing but good for many people who needed help over the years they have been around and they can use your help more than ever.

Now on another charitable note.

I’m letting them know that it’s time for a change. I know more than anyone that not many people really like change, but it’s a necessity because most old things that remain as they are seem to eventually fall by the way side.

People and society have changed since their start and so has technology. Now we have the internet, 3d copiers are in their infancy and we all have cell phones. Shute, even many kids have cell phones these days.

I mean come on already, I used to joke about their name when I was a kid and that has been a couple years ago at least.

So here is a couple ideas to help them march away from the past and into a long, meaningful future.

First lets update the name just a little. Have a nationwide contest for a year, then pick one you like and advertise it heavy, like when you hear a radio station change formats.

Next lets go casual on the uniforms. Casual is friendly.

Now, and I hate like heck to say it, but it’s time too change the red kettle to a different container for collecting. I said change wasn’t easy but how many people now days can actually say they have our have used an actual kettle.
I bet you would be lucky to find one kettle in a thousand homes now days, that’s if your lucky.

So, why not change it to a three foot tall Smart phone. Hang it from the same stand. Put a slot on top for the money. Then have a different language printed on each number key on the front. They put in the money and tap a number on the screen and the giant phone either thanks them or wishes them. a happy holiday in the selected language. Cool huh!

Make it do whatever you want but keep it fast and simple. The point is, to update it to something more people can relate to and probably relate to for many many years too come.

Now did you notice something hasn’t  changed? The bell ringer and the bell. Just like Pavlov’s dogs, there is something that says happy holidays and makes us feel secure when we hear that bell ringing every year. Never change that.

Of course I’ll help with the rest if necessary. So for now, Happy Holidays and please don’t forget to donate often.


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