Kids are losing weight

Kids are losing weight

They say that children in America are doing great at losing weight. Three cheers for the kids and the health administrators pushing it, right?

Do you think the fact that more children in America are going to bed hungry than ever before, may have something to do with it?

It is a fact. More and more middle class American families are falling off the financial cliff, now more than ever before and many of these families need help but don’t know where to get it, or they are too proud to ask for it.

Let those fame seeking health administrators save their weight studies for times of prosperity, not times when the food banks are giving out record numbers of food.

There are many people trying to take credit for the weight loss. Many because they played a role in changing something in school meals.

Anyone who is blind enough to think they deserve credit for the weight loss of our children is hunting for glory at a time of dispare to many.

Thats the people we have running our health care systems in this country. Once again, similar to the lawmakers, a misguided group of individuals each looking to leave their own mark on society.

What a shame!

Please donate to your local food banks if you can afford it. They need the help now more than ever.

And to those out there worrying about our obese society at a difficult time like this, start worrying about solving the real problems that plague Americans or just go home and worry about when you are going to buy your next Cadillac, while people are out here starving!

We learned in sixth grade not to conduct research studies during abnormal times because the results won’t be accurate. You fame seekers must have been absent that day!


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