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Veteran transportation services inc

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Veteran Transportation Services Inc.

These guys are non profit and in the business of helping disabled veterans get too their appointments. Right now they are only in a limited location, but who knows, maybe with the right help we might see them everywhere!

Keep up the good work guys, our vets deserve it.



Budget Mobile. Another Free Phone.

December 8, 2014 1 comment

Here is a comment we thought deserved its own page.
Thanks Matt. That is what this blog is all about. Sharing things too help everyone get through tough times!

Hi Everyone. My name is Matt and I represent another company called Budget Mobile. We also offer a free cell phone, free minutes, and free texts every month to folks who qualify. In California, that means free unlimited talk and text every month! Most other states are limited to 250 minutes and texts each month. To learn more about California LifeLine, visit this link on our website: All other states we serve are listed on the front page of our website. Just click on your state’s name for more information.

Thanks Matt for letting us know of another option to get help in the form of a free phone.


Corporate policy that you Shouldn’t Follow to Keep your Job.

Well, 2 Sprint employees, 1 Wall-mart employee, and 2 Best Buy employees have been fired recently for trying to do the right thing when they all spotted shoplifters, or so they thought.

Apparently all the stores feel that these individuals violated corporate policies on following or chasing shoplifters and they all lost their jobs on account of it.

To beat it all, the 2 Sprint employees were in another store, on lunch and they still got fired by Sprint for their actions.

One of the former employees said that it was the way he was raised, to step up and help when needed, but he still lost his job with Sprint.

You see most every store has their own rules on how an employee should proceed when they spot someone shoplifting while they are at work on company property. Violate the no chase rules on shoplifting and it’s Adiose Amigo for you.

So, and I never thought I would ever recommend this to anyone since I once helped to chase a shoplifter out of a store, across a parking lot and across a side street onto a neighbor’s lawn, where he was tackled by three burly employees, then walked back to the store to face the law over the $10.00 item he put in his pocket.

I don’t even think there were corporate policies on what to do in a situation like that back then, but I do know that because we acted, we not only got a petty thief off the streets who was wanted for stealing other small items from other stores, but we received an Atta-Boy along with a paid day off from the Owner, the next time he visited the store.

I know that now days, liabilities and law suits play a major role as to why there are policies against actions like these. But for Human Sakes, stop punishing those individuals who were raised with backbone, who step in to help where help is needed, because that’s the way they were taught while growing up.

Their parents didn’t teach them to run the other way when something is wrong or someone needs help. They were taught to pitch in and help. Those kind of people should be the leaders of both big business and of our country. They also weren’t taught to sue someone because they stepped up to act and got themselves injured by doing so, either.

What the businesses are effectively telling the criminals now days, is that you can steel anything you like from my store, just don’t come back because you are on camera! Go to another store next time!

What these businesses need to do is just the opposite. They need to set a policy on shoplifting that will warn against employees taking action but still allow for anyone that decides to act on their own behalf to stop or apprehend the crook. It should not only let them keep their job, but be rewarded for what they did also. Sure, have every employee sign waiver papers so you can’t be sued for their actions, but for bloomin sakes man, let them get involved if they so choose! This is America!

By firing them for their actions you are only making things in this country worse, instead of better! What if your daughter or wife’s purse was being snatched and the same guy who got fired for stopping a shoplifter saw it and just walked away! You would have wished that they had acted on their behalf, now wouldn’t you! But what you are teaching everyone by firing these brave souls, is to not get involved in order to keep their jobs.

So, until the companies you work for change their policies on shoplifting, you can do what you feel is right. I am recommending to you, because you need your job, that you just turn your head whenever you see something happening where you work, so that you don’t get fired for doing the right thing.

This way, the thief gets what he wanted, the store recoups their loss with higher prices and you get to keep your job! It’s pretty much a win win win for everyone.

I guess with that said, the stores are off the hook in having to hire corporate lawyers to change policies that would make America a better place, because all they have to do is get out the old price sticker gun to raise prices and cure the problem.

Now, I have a corporate backbone for sale, who want’s it! And if it’s stolen, the next one will cost you double!

P.S. Give those people their jobs back, This is America, Remember!


Businesses, Pricing themselves out of Business.

Do you remember hearing stories of people needing wheel barrels of cash just to buy milk, or a loaf of bread.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, prices are slowly sneaking their way up to levels that we have never seen before, while most incomes struggle to climb at an even rate with them.

Many people you talk to, just can’t afford to buy the things or the quantities of stuff that they used to and it’s hurting business, big time, while many businesses are starting to raise their prices even higher, so they may recognize larger incomes that exceed last years take.

This practice of raising prices to cover costs, with a futile attempt to stay afloat, just won’t be good enough to save most of them. So down they will go!

You see, when they raise their prices, especially in difficult times as we now have, they actually lose business by doing so. More people will buy less than they did before because of the higher prices and the store actually tightens its own noose by doing so.

In times of strife and famine as we are experiencing in America the businesses actually need to become more creative and actually branch out into other common areas to stay afloat.

For example, I know of an automotive service industry that has made its bread and butter since it’s creation in the seventies. They have always serviced the large automotive suppliers and the big businesses that strictly dealt in automotive parts and supplies.

Doing very well, with just a few downturns every seven years, that happen in that industry. Otherwise always staying afloat and making a good profit.

But now, with everything being affected the way it is, they have learned that they need to gain customers from other areas of industry, in order to maintain just an even income level, much less make a higher profit than last year.

So they have set out gathering new customers from other industries and have diversified their customer base over a wide array of industrial classifications. Some of which are still doing good, while their automotive customers struggle.

They have learned to tap new areas of revenue to make up for their failing automotive customers and it is enabling them to stay afloat while many of their competitors go belly up.

Raising prices isn’t the answer. You must think outside the normal realm of daily operations and get yourself into other avenues that will be more profitable and you must do it fast!

That’s the way to stay afloat people and if you need ideas on just how to do that, just drop me a line and I would be glad to help, at a low price that you can afford!



April 1, 2010 1 comment

…..Destroying crops for cash.

Destroying crops for cash…..

Farmers in Florida are destroying hundreds of acres of ripe strawberries to raise the prices. They protected them during the freeze, with thousands of gallons of water causing large underground sink holes, that are damaging homes in the area.

Because the crops did so well, there are so many strawberries that they are now worth only 25 cents a pound, where normally they are worth around $1.00 a pound. So to drive up the prices, they are killing off thousands of strawberry loaded plants.

All I have to say about this is that it should be a crime to destroy any crop for that reason, especially during a recession. The news channels are starting to show locations of their nearest food banks because there are so many people in the US that need help.

Those strawberries could have been donated to their local pantries to provide much needed deserts to pass out with the meals. A bowl of juicy ripe strawberries is good for the body and yet the farmers are just chopping them up.

You see what greed will do to you. Sure you may end up with more money, but to have unthinkable acts against humanity on your soul to contend with all of your life, I’d rather live a simple good happy family life, than to live a rich and depressing life any day!

I guess most would choose cash over conscious, but to me, It’s a  easy choice to do the right thing.  Share the berries with the world food banks and then collect the regular price on what I choose to sell.

Easy and everyone wins. I guess farmers just aren’t concerned with things other than their crops. It’s to bad they are like that, because that is one group of individuals that is normally respected by regular people. Well let’s just say they were respected by most.

Making Home Affordable Will Hurt Your Credit.

But it will save your home. The government program mentioned above is a way to lower your mortgage payments if they are becoming a burden to your budget.

However there is a catch, as with anything that is supposed to help you. The catch is that the credit companies will lower your credit score up to 100 points for using the government program.

By asking for help and wanting to continue being a good customer, you will be penalized by up to 100 points from your score, for trying to do the right thing. You see, just by getting the help, the credit companies are saying that you have credit trouble and SLASH/ 100 Points Gone!

That is America Folks! The only place where trying to do the right thing so you don’t have or become a problem, gets you labeled as trouble just for trying to do things right! Your Damned if You Do and Your Damned if You Don’t.

What a shame.

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Watch those companies in the future folks, as their Inflexible thinking will slowly become the demise of Millions of suffering people and then the demise of a Nation.


Gas Stations Suck.

March 6, 2010 1 comment

You are all to blame,

What more dangerous of a job could you have and get paid the glorious sum of SEVEN dollars an hour.

SEVEN dollars an hour, for all the responsibility, unflexable rules and all the headaches that go with it.

Gas Stations across America, YOU SUCK as employers.

All the big profits you end up making come from people who are hard working, endangering their own lives and for SEVEN dollars an hour.

Then on top of it all, you have all of your crazy rules that everyone must strictly adhere to or it’s the chopping block, with no explanation or even a thanks for anything you did.

You know darn well there are times when a cashier will go slightly over the drawer limits you set. But you set those drawer limits in stone and they may never be broken.

You are not very good management is all that it shows and here is why. You know that when there is a rush and the pumps are full, that the drawer will likely go over and while the rush continues the cashier doesn’t have the time to keep your customers happy and count and dump hundreds of dollars at the same time, YOU KNOW IT. Besides, it wouldn’t be safe either, so they wait for small breaks between customers to make the dumps.

You also penalize them for counting mistakes made when dumping their drawers, so you just hire these people and let them hang by their toes until it becomes publicly known that a mistake was made by someone, then the little big shot regional managers all strap on their firing guns and blow that person away from ever being your employee again, along with putting an unnecessary black mark on their employment history, as if they were the bad guy.

How unfair of working conditions are those. Sure the cashier could make paying customers wait while they count and drop money so their drawer doesn’t go over, and risk one of them calling and complaining that they made them wait, or worse, promote a robbery, then here comes the firing guns again.

You are just BAD management and until the day comes when every gas station clerk in this nation gets their voice heard and changes are made for a little flexibility within you system, you will continue to be just that.

You big Gas companies should respect your workers enough to make things like this change and you should also pay them a decent wage for the dangerous job they do.

Here is a link to a story that happened a while back, showing how some of their rules need to be changed! I sure hope this lady got another job or shame on all of you big Gas suppliers. Link to story and Video.