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Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!


Drop the Satellite or Cable and Save.

I know we all like to watch TV and we have to keep up with the Jones’s on a lot of things, but dropping these and changing to regular Over the Air Digital TV, will save you bucks.

Drop the cable or satellite bill if your contract allows but be careful of early termination fees, most of these can cost you up to hundreds of dollars to quit the contract if you aren’t near the end. This also applies to your cell phone contracts as well.

Just add up your bills for a year and see what you would have saved. It’s enough for a good set of tires or would have fixed that problem with the car. Another thing is that the next time someone asks to borrow some money, just tell them that you wish you could but you can’t even afford cable and that will shut them up instantly because most everyone has it.

With the new digital TV signals you get pictures as clear as cable and there are some more channels added in because the new TV signals take up less space to transmit. Now we have a 24 hour movie channel, a 24 hour cartoon channel, a 24 hour home and travel channel, a 24 hour retro TV channel, and a 24 hour weather channel, plus all the channels we had before and all just by adding a converter box to the old set.

Try it You may like it!


How do you like the Over the Air Digital TV?

You know, the kind that you get with an antenna and I’m not talking satellite either. I mean rabbit ears or the old rooftop or tower antenna.

Have you had any problems or complaints about it? Trouble hooking things up? Well overall it really isn’t to bad. The pictures are better, and many stations now have more channels which offer more programing options than before.

The main problem that I’m hearing is that some people have channels that they can’t get anymore. There could be several reasons for the trouble. Here they are.

1.   Your station simply decided not to go digital. Find their number and give them a call, or ask a neighbor who uses an antenna also, they might know.

2.   Your antenna might not be pointed in the correct direction. Try moving it a little at a time and rescan your box every time you do. You may get lucky and find it again.

3.   You may need a bigger or higher antenna for that station now. You could live on the edge of their broadcast area and have a weak signal. A bigger or higher antenna may help. Check The Shack or a TV store for more antenna help.

4.   Try a little trick. Simply move the antenna to different locations in the room if possible. You could be in a dead spot and when you move it you could get it to come in. Remember to rescan you box every time you move the antenna or TV.

5.   Try this, set your antenna on top of something that won’t burn to simply raise it up. Get it up as close to the ceiling as possible. Then try moving the direction. Remember to rescan each time. My neighbors son couldn’t get the new cartoon channel on his TV, it was only coming in in their living room. So I told him to put a milk crate on top of his TV and set the antenna up on that. After he did and rescanned he now gets more channels on his set than they do in their living room.

Two tips.  1.   If you get a pass through converter box, you could possibly receive more channels, depending on where you live. Canada and other countries still broadcast analog signals and you may pick up a channel or two.   2.   You can get antenna amplifiers that you can connect to your antenna, from Radio shack and TV stores. They may help pull in that elusive station.

Visit Antenna and follow their instructions. Just by entering your zip code and centering your location on their map, it will suggest the proper antenna and the stations you can expect to receive for your location! Try it, it works pretty well. Remember that some of the stations shown will have others that you may receive also!

I hope this helped to make your viewing better, so for now, pass me the popcorn because channel 4.2 is a new 24-7 retro movie channel in my area and “White Lightning” is coming on again.


If you need help with anything digital just click on Q/A’s up top and ask.

Remember, If you are buying a new TV, Recycle the old one to help save the planet from more pollution.

Or you can collect them like this guy in Germany did.


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You are allowed 2 coupons per address. Many people who now have or were planning on possibly dropping cable or satellite in the future were calling, answering the question of  “Do you currently use satellite or cable?” as no and getting the coupons, then buying the cheep boxes at $40 each and putting them away for future use! has all the info you need to get your coupons.

If you missed out or let your coupons expire, try reapplying because they are going to put more money from the bailout towards this program. The final change over has been moved to June 12, 2009. So if you missed yours, then you should still be able to go to the site and get them, besides it makes a cheep converter box practically free.

When you get your box check out Antenna Web .Org They will show you the stations you should be able to recieve from your location. Remember when they list a ##.1  station, that there is usually a couple more channels you can see if you increase the last number,  ##.2   ##.3   etc. Some have more some don’t.


Keep track of your codes – You May Need Them

Well the hunt is on and many of you probably have been there too. Your universal remote just quit working as soon as you sat down to watch TV. Where’s the little paper that came with the darn thing? You know, the one with the codes in it? The hunt is on. Well here is an idea that’s simple. Keep the book in a folder full of those kinds of things and you will know where it is when you need it. Or at least the folder may be easier to find. O.K. heres the real tip. If it just takes codes and they are simple to put in then write them inside the battery cover with a marker and you are good to go. Now if it’s one where you have to push a lot of buttons before you enter the code then write them on a very small piece of paper with the sequence of pushes,(use a fine point pen), then fold up the paper so it just barely fits over the batteries. Not to thick though or you may break of the cover latch trying to put on the cover. Now if you made them fit, you will have them the next time you sit down and it doesn’t work, and you won’t have to get up at all. You could just tape the original booklet to the back of the TV or what ever you use it with, but you might forget it’s there also!