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Do you like Google?

December 14, 2015 Leave a comment

With Google watching our every move, no one any longer has the privacy that they expect, at the times they should.

Forget the time old worry that people used to have, about the government implanting microchips in everyone so we all are numbered and tracked.

The government has outsmarted us. We all have a number, voluntarily and we are all tracked by satellite wherever we go,  all thanks to our New government agency, Google!

Smart phones are that chip that we all carry with us voluntarily. Hell, we not only gladly pay for them, but we even pay monthly fees for their daily use and the upkeep of the systems they use.

If that isn’t one of the best take offs of the old proverbial Trojan Horse, than I don’t know what is.

We also buy and get apps for them and blindly click accept to their user terms, without reading the rights they want us to give them.

Those rights you give to Google or the apps owner, include most anything you could imagine that would not only tell someone all about your life and what you are doing,  but also let them know everywhere you go and anywhere you have been!

So stop worrying about implanted chips, because you already have a pocket or a purse full of them, along with a phone number to go with them, and Google and our government gladly thank you for your gullibility! Suckers!





Budget Mobile. Another Free Phone.

December 8, 2014 1 comment

Here is a comment we thought deserved its own page.
Thanks Matt. That is what this blog is all about. Sharing things too help everyone get through tough times!

Hi Everyone. My name is Matt and I represent another company called Budget Mobile. We also offer a free cell phone, free minutes, and free texts every month to folks who qualify. In California, that means free unlimited talk and text every month! Most other states are limited to 250 minutes and texts each month. To learn more about California LifeLine, visit this link on our website: All other states we serve are listed on the front page of our website. Just click on your state’s name for more information.

Thanks Matt for letting us know of another option to get help in the form of a free phone.




Yep, Independence day is the day we celebrate when we became our own nation, finally getting away from the mother land and becoming our own country, allowing every man woman and child the right to live The American Dream.

You know, it’s sorta like when a kid leaves home, setting out on their own to try to survive in the world.

In the days of the first settlers, they had a way of living where the land provided everything they needed to survive.

Each family raised their own livestock and grew their own fruits and vegetables for food. They actually survived off the land around them. Heck they even made their own soap.

So on and on and out the generations went, one by one, using every skill that they learned from their parents to live and survive raising their own families.

Their success meant to a nation that independence day celebrations would live on forever.

As each generation developed new things, they slowly over hundreds of years became less dependent on the land and more dependent on others and on the communities in which they lived.

Everything we need now, takes a job or work to get. Everything now comes from a store and the job is necessary to have money to buy the things they used to get from the land. Very few families actually live off the land on their own any longer and those that are left are usually found on the Discovery or History channel.

That my friends is how much we have grown, learned, educated ourself and advanced technologically over the years.

The price we have paid for out advancement in technology is that people have bought up most of the available resources in this country that they could, in order to profit by selling them off or by refining them to make money. There’s nothing left.

There are very few places left in America where one can live off the land as the settlers first did and now living off the land has become more of a survival game for our entertainment on TV, than an actual portrayal of what living in America is like today.

Families and individuals no longer actually live on their own independently any more. Now we depend on stores, businesses and even the government for everything we need to live and it takes a hell of a lot of money to buy it all. That’s where the good jobs comes in. In order for our kids to set out on their own they need a strong college education and have to find good paying career jobs in order to survive and raise a family.

Unfortunately, that is happening less now days because of the poor economy. More and more parents can’t afford to send their kids to college to get that education for a good job. It’s either feed the family or send the kids to college.

That unfortunately is snowballing in this country at an alarming rate. The proof is in how many kids out of high school and older adult offspring are now still living with their parents for much longer than they used to. Even many of those who are lucky enough to get a college education can’t find a good job to support themself, much less try to support a family also.

That’s why Independence day is changing and becoming more of a Dependence day. Other than the drinkers and partiers looking for another reason or holiday to get high, what real motivation is there for a 53 year old man or woman who is forced to live with mom and dad, to celebrate our countrys Independence when they can’t even be Independent themselves.

Wake up people. What once was open land, a new country, with everything you and your offspring needed provided by the land, is not that any more.

There is no more true Independence, only a dependence on the way of living we have we become accustom to paying for and whether we survive at all depends on how well we do financially.

Just for you to be born cost your parents a lot of money either in doctors bills or insurance, so there would be no cost.

The day of Independence actually went by the wayside when the country’s land could no longer provide the necessities for the amount of people that lived there.

You are no longer Independent unless you are one of those few that bought up all of the lands resources and now being filthy rich, you are probably in the government or heavily involved in political donations so you don’t loose your wealth.

The new sign on Americas front door now reads, the management has the right to deny service to anyone for any reason it sees fit.

So Independence day with all it’s hopes and dreams of “The American Dream” is just that for must of us, a dream! Realize that when you are back to work and the holiday has come and gone.

Happy forth of July is just what it’s becoming as true individual independence is slowly lost forever. Now days it’s more of a government holiday than anything else.

So party on like a senator, oh I mean rock star!


Kids are losing weight

December 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Kids are losing weight

They say that children in America are doing great at losing weight. Three cheers for the kids and the health administrators pushing it, right?

Do you think the fact that more children in America are going to bed hungry than ever before, may have something to do with it?

It is a fact. More and more middle class American families are falling off the financial cliff, now more than ever before and many of these families need help but don’t know where to get it, or they are too proud to ask for it.

Let those fame seeking health administrators save their weight studies for times of prosperity, not times when the food banks are giving out record numbers of food.

There are many people trying to take credit for the weight loss. Many because they played a role in changing something in school meals.

Anyone who is blind enough to think they deserve credit for the weight loss of our children is hunting for glory at a time of dispare to many.

Thats the people we have running our health care systems in this country. Once again, similar to the lawmakers, a misguided group of individuals each looking to leave their own mark on society.

What a shame!

Please donate to your local food banks if you can afford it. They need the help now more than ever.

And to those out there worrying about our obese society at a difficult time like this, start worrying about solving the real problems that plague Americans or just go home and worry about when you are going to buy your next Cadillac, while people are out here starving!

We learned in sixth grade not to conduct research studies during abnormal times because the results won’t be accurate. You fame seekers must have been absent that day!


Don’t waste your money!

December 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Don’t waste your money



Lol, take this crap back! It’s a wonder that Chrysler and Ford would let their names be associated with China and Hong Kong crap like this.

The remote control truck doesn’t even have the power to run on thin carpet , even with new batteries!

Disappointing junk that is flooding the toy market for Christmas.

It’s sad that we let this happen and pay good money for it to.

It’s even sadder that Chrysler and Ford would even be associated with shit companies like this.

It sorta makes me wonder about their quality now! If they approve toys like this!


Twelve Wishes

December 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Twelve Wishes

If you were given Twelve Wishes, What would they be?


A little about black friday.

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

A little about black friday.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, the Friday when all the stores offer huge irresistible bargains to those who get there early. They also have many other great deals all day long.

It’s meant to get the stores earnings out of the red (a financial loss) if thats where they are and get them into the black, a financial gain in profits for the holiday shopping season.

Thats black friday! Not black any other day. So what about the stores that will open on Thanksgiving day? They are stoping the employees who have to work, from enjoying a day off with their families. Whether the stores can open or not should be left to their employees and it should be on a volunteer basis only. If they can get enough workers to volunteer to come in, then they can open, plain and simple. That way they might open and without looking like they place greed and profits, over family values and togetherness.

As for the shoppers, it’s their call whether to shop or not. That would be strictly up to them.

As for me, during that period of shopping on Thanksgiving Day,, I’d rather be watching football, playing games with the kids, cards with uncle Joe (you got to watch him, he cheats), raiding the fridge for leftovers, extra desert and doing it all comfortably at home in my sox! Besides, we all know that the stuffing only lasts a day and thats it!

You see, we work our asses off, for a whole year, for what we have and earn and I’m not giving up a day with family and friends that’s meant to enjoy what we already have, to go shopping! Deal or No Deal!

Now kids, I’ll pick suitcase 2 and 10,.! DAD YOU CAN ONLY GET TO PICK ONE! THATS CHEATING!
Hey, I got to try to beat those kids somehow, THEY ALWAYS WIN!
Besides, Uncle Joe is proud! But he is the Banker! LOL.