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Another money saving lunch idea

Another money saving lunch idea.

If you happen to decide to splurge and either go out for dinner or just order out, remember that you have to pack your lunch for work tomorrow.

What I mean is, when you decide what you want, many places will increase the amount of food you get for just a little bit more in price.

The extra quantities they give you are usually well worth the increase over the normal priced selections and usually more food than most people will eat.

So just remember when ordering that you want leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and order the larger portions. Then when your meal comes simply ask for a carry out container and split it right there into two servings. Or if it was delivered simply split it at home yourself.

Now you have your lunch all set for the next day and remember, this works for each family memember equally as well and ends up being quite a money8 savings and a tasty lunch las well!

My personal favorite food to pickup and pack the leftovers for the next day is KFC ! A couple three pieces of chicken, some coleslaw and a biscuit or two is one of the best lunches that I treat myself to. Gosh I love that tasty chicken skin, there isn’t anything better in the whole world, Yummy!

Kids love it to!



Donation Scams, Watch Out

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Donation Scams, Watch Out

It is so darn upsetting that anyone would try too make money from the death of others, but some sick individuals do just that.

So check out very carefully the accounts that you plan on donating to.

You can call the phone numbers of the banks they are associated with to verify the authenticity of the accounts.

Donations to individuals, pay pal accounts, or post officeboxes, are the ones to be the most aware of.
Check those out thoroughly, and if you aren’t getting anywhere, just donate to a different one that you know is real.

It’s sad that anyone would try to fool the kind hearted individuals who want to help out by making a donation but when it comes to easy money, all some people unfortunately see are dollar signs.

Lets hope the government agency they just created to investigate these bogus accounts, can help these low-lives see jail bars instead!


It’s gonna hurt.

A few years ago the president gave the American workers a little stimulus bonus in our pay check.

About a grand a year, (dependent on earnings) to help the economy grow. Well the time has come where it magically disappears from your check if it is not renewed by our government.

Since neither one of the candidates who are running for election plan on continuing it next year, you better plan on being a thousand bucks or so short on your overall earnings next year.

About eighty bucks or so a month that you won’t have to live on any more.

So start tightening up the budget even more this January and from then on, because my prediction is for a tougher, year with hundreds of thousands of foreclosures, almost double the food prices and almost five bucks a gallon at the pump.

If things don’t change real soon, we will see a lot more middle class folks drop off the edge into lower class land.

It’s gonna be another tough one so hold on and good luck.


The Holidays are Coming.

It’s getting to be that time of year again folks, where the air feels crisp, the beautiful fall colored leaves brighten our surroundings and the sunny days of summer are transformed into those cold and gloomy days of winter.

Cider mills are bustling with crowds of people, lined up waiting for those tasty treats. Pumpkins are being carefully selected and carted home too create those scary masterpieces we see in many front yards.

It isn’t long before we hear those words that seem to never be lost from year to year, Trick or Treat.

We musts had a hundred kids this year, dad tells mom as he pops one of the remaining morsels from the candy bowl into his mouth. Mom agrees, there were more kid than last year, as she sits on the couch rubbing her sore feet and watches her princess and spider man, compare the goodies they collected on their journey.

Days go by and now mom is looking all over for those missing gloves she thought she put away from last year, because it’s cold out and she has a lot of stores to visit to put together a Thanksgiving feast for all the relatives.

While they are out, dad quietly puts away a few summer items into the shed and digs out the snow shovels, predominantly placing them once again near the front door for easy access, all the while thinking to himself that it won’t be long now!

He ponders, that it should be cold enough this year too keep the extra beverages on the back porch again, while we make room in the fridge for all those tasty pumpkin pies and deserts.

Thanksgiving dinner was a big success as usual and with all the left overs, the pop will remain on the porch for a while longer.

Mon is now in a dizzy, (you do remember that Santa Clause has come tho town) between all of the I want that’s and the I sure could use one of those’s, along with trying too budget enough to still be able to give something to charity this year, she’s not only in a dizzy, but now she threatens that if she hears one more I Want, from anybody, that she will give everything to charity including the tree!

Wow, do you remember the Who’s down in Whoville, and that the Grinch’s heart grew three times it’s size that day. He have back everything he took and he even, carved the roast beast!

I sure hope you enjoyed this little warm up to the holidays, as it was fun too write. But I do have to ask you just one thing.

Please remember to give to charities, soup kitchens, and food banks this year as we celebrate this holiday season. Times are very though right now and they sure could use the kind donations as many people in our communities throughout America are not going too be celebrating the holidays unless we pitch in and make it happen.

Thank You for your kindness this Holiday Season! And in the words of a great comedian, (Red Skelton) Thank You And May God Bless, Goodnight.



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Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!

The new trend, less for more, or Minisizing!

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you noticed the new trend in food; fast, carry out, dine in, or even prepared grocery items?

They are finding a new way to give less and make more.

Now you can get, Mini’s, bite size, bites, smallies, little bits and the list goes on. All they are are regular items, that are made smaller.

What this does, is allow them to charge a new higher price per ounce, for the same product they used to sell as a bigger item, but at a cheaper price per ounce.

But unless you know the actual price per ounce of the full sized item and then figure out the price per ounce of the smaller one, you just don’t realize that they charged you more per ounce for the smaller one.

There is a problem with this type of sales, that will soon eliminate the actual smaller items and make smaller just another menu size option, similar too supersizing.

The businesses will all soon realize that now they have too not only sell more minis per day too end up with the same cash in the drawer as when they only sold regular size, but that it will cost them more in labor hours too make the minis too sell. That cuts into the extra profit they thought they would make by selling the minis.

However Just as when super sizing, jumbos, larges, biggies, supers and other new actual larger sized products were experimented with and certain ones lived on, there are a few smaller things that will be created that will remain on the menu, like some of the larger ones have, because they actually fill a gap and their sales will remain good.

So for now enjoy the minis, because only the strong will survive.

Then they will be asking you, Would you like too mini size that?



Warning: The Loan Sharks are Coming!

February 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Hurry, Get Out Of The Credit Pool!! Here come the Sharks.

Loan sharks are people who loan money at extremely high interest rates. They are usually unscrupulous individuals who loan money to needy individuals and expect usually 25% to 50% interest or more.

You must pay it all back, including the interest by a certain date or the interest increases. Failure to repay the debt usually results in property damage or physical harm to you or one of your loved ones.

Well a bank called the First Premier Bank has stepped into the class of being a loan shark. Led by Miles Beacom, CEO of Premier Bankcard and a South Dakota credit card marketer, the bank has decided to offer credit cards to high risk individuals with a $300 credit limit.

They are offering an extremely high interest rate of 59.9 to 79.9 percent annual percentage rate (APR) on these cards.

People, the highest any bank has charged any high risk individuals, is around 25%. They are charging more than three times that rate.

If you were to charge just $100 on the card you would then owe them $80 dollars on top of the hundred you charged and for each hundred that you charge. That is almost double the money you charge. That is more than most unscrupulous loan sharks would charge you and the banks are supposed to be licensed to do a fair business in this country.


Where the hell are all the citizen or consumer watchdog groups or consumer protection agencies in this country when we need them? What about the government stepping in to squash this unfair business dealing. This isn’t right America!

The sad part is that they have sent the offers around to people who are bad at managing credit and probably don’t understand what the term amounts actually mean to them and they said that the return from the offer was almost double over the return they get from their lower interest offers to less risky customers.

I’d say they are definitely sharks taking advantage of a group of consumers, who are definitely ill advised as to whether to accept an offer like that or not.

You know, things are really getting out of hand in the banking world and I sure hope some organization can stop these sharks from feeding on more of the poor people they are targeting with their get rich scheme, that is intended to make high rates like this look normal to everyone, so that more banks can jump their rates to the moon just like they did.

There has to be some kind of consumer law against a business doing something like this to the hard working people in America.  There has to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or God help us because the next depression will definitely end up being a recession! (That is if we don’t pull out of this one first.)

If your credit isn’t that good, you are better off getting a secured credit card and using that to build up your credit rating.