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Another money saving lunch idea

Another money saving lunch idea.

If you happen to decide to splurge and either go out for dinner or just order out, remember that you have to pack your lunch for work tomorrow.

What I mean is, when you decide what you want, many places will increase the amount of food you get for just a little bit more in price.

The extra quantities they give you are usually well worth the increase over the normal priced selections and usually more food than most people will eat.

So just remember when ordering that you want leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and order the larger portions. Then when your meal comes simply ask for a carry out container and split it right there into two servings. Or if it was delivered simply split it at home yourself.

Now you have your lunch all set for the next day and remember, this works for each family memember equally as well and ends up being quite a money8 savings and a tasty lunch las well!

My personal favorite food to pickup and pack the leftovers for the next day is KFC ! A couple three pieces of chicken, some coleslaw and a biscuit or two is one of the best lunches that I treat myself to. Gosh I love that tasty chicken skin, there isn’t anything better in the whole world, Yummy!

Kids love it to!



Fast food wants your money!

Fast food wants your money!

We as hard working men and women deserve a good lunch in the mid part of our day, to rejuvenate the brain cells and muscles and get us through to quitting time.

Did you notice that I said quitting time! If you didn’t and you don’t consider yourself what I call a working stiff just trying to make a living than you probably do not need to read any farther.

But in the real world the rest of us need to watch the fast food market as they ramp up their push to bad mouth our home made lunches by using negative feelings on us!

You’ve all seen the commercials that have the main group comparing their lunch from somewhere, discussing the value, taste, size, and anything else they can think of. Then they ask their coworker who is sitting alone, what they are eating, and that is where they make you feel like an outcast. Like your lunch is not as good as theirs is.

DON’T FALL FOR THIS TYPE OF ADVERTISING! It’s really not a very reputable way to get someone to try their products in the first place, so don’t fall for it.

There is nothing wrong with bringing your own lunch and saving a ton of money over those who eat out daily.

And some of the food that people do bring in those home made lunches, a lot of times not only tops fast food in taste, but most certainly will top fast food in value, darn near every time. They can’t compete price wise with a home made meal, no how, no way, and they know it.

Just be creative, use thermoses, hot and cold carry jars, along with plenty of reusable plastic bowls and containers and by all means, be creative!

Search the Web for carry lunch ideas, along with ideas of cooking lunch depending on your job.
By all means use anything that your place of employment provides you for lunches, like microwaves, tables, plastic dinnerware, refrigerators, etc. Also, be careful never to contaminate your food, but use tools of the trade as well if you can. Ovens, torches, boilers heaters, chillers, coolers and a.c. units can all be utilized to warm or cool a tasty item so it’s ready at lunch time.

Now do yourself a favor, if you ever afford to buy something that a coworker says they wish they could afford, tell them you could afford it because of the money you saved by bringing your lunch!

Oh just a couple more things, don’t forget the condiments and never forget to pack the silverware! You’d look kinda silly drinking your home made stew or eating chocolate pudding with your finger!

You better shop those farm markets and produce stands early.

You better get there shortly after they open or it may be slim pickins otherwise.

You see, during a recession everyone learns to fend for themselves and they learn to do things that save them money.

One way to save a huge amount of dough is to shop your local farm or produce markets. They have tons to sell in a very limited time frame and you can get some great deals on produce there.

People usually get all their seedlings, plants and seeds for their gardens there in the early spring also. During hard times there are more people that plant gardens than when times are good and they learn how to can fruits and vegetables just like grandma used to do. So expect to find standing room only this year when you go to get yours.

That’s why I say to visit them early this year, or you may be the one left buying the sour grapes or planting spinach and onions! Hey wait a minute, I like onions, but please hand me a couple of those tomato plants too, would ya!


A Crockpot and a Crockpot Cookbook can Save You Cash.

Here at MoneysTight., we try different things on occasion and lately along with trying, we have been talking with people who use crock-pots to cook a lot of meals.

If you are not a big fan of having something cook your meal while you are out, than the key for you is practice on the weekends when you have time to watch it cook and learn exactly what it takes to start it in the morning, so you will be able to let it go until evening. That is part of the joy and freedom of cooking with a crock-pot.

Get a mid range priced pot for starters and make sure it’s as large as you can go. Always buy American and from a brand name manufacturer.

Once you have a crock-pot & cookbook and you have practiced enough meals on several weekends, than you can use it while you are gone and come home to a good home cooked meal every day if you want.

The main thing you want to make sure of, is that you leave it set on low or simmer and you want to add enough water to the bottom or juices to your broth so that it doesn’t dry out and burn the food over an extended period of time.

The great thing is that it will save you money over using a large oven for a couple of hours and it’s much easier.

There is such a wide variety of dishes and meals you can make and depending on the size of your crock-pot and your family, you may even get two meals out of one. That’s a savings in itself.

So if you want to save some money from the old utility bill, check out some of the recipes and give it a try. You save money and eat good food at the same time and that doesn’t sound to bad at all.


Fish, skip the market and pass me the worms.

Fish R Man said…

Wow have you priced fish lately? It looks like it’s been in there a while and really smells strong and the price is way up there.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody, but fishing can not only be a nice family get together, or a bonding moment between a parent and child, but you can look up the stats on fish taken from your local waters in the guide you get with your license.  See if what you caught is in there and the amount that’s recommended to consume.

Bring them home and clean them or stop at a bait store and see if they will do it . Some will for a small fee. When you get home either cook them up for a great meal or freeze them to use later. This is a great resource, use it.

Nothing say’s a Sport’s Fisherman can’t bring home a good meal every now and then. Visit the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council online, for a great fishing site with a ton of good information for all surrounding states. Good Luck and Save a Buck!


Green Acres, Green Money.

O.K. I know it sounds old fashioned but the truth of the matter is that most people who have a place, plant a garden of some kind. Weather it’s acres or just a couple of tomato plants in pots, you have a garden!

When the fresh vegies come rolling in you are saving money with each serving. this can be quite the savings depending on how big of one you plant! Start from Seedlings or earlier with seeds. The cost is not to great and the reward is tremendous!

Why do you think farmers plant all that stuff anyway. Even just one tomato plant will save you bucks in the checkout lane! A good place for all your garden needs is online in the Gardening Supplies Guide. They can get you growing!



Brown bag it right and Save Even More!

It would be great to go out for lunch every day as some people do, but when you can’t afford it you have to get by with the old brown bag.

I have realized something though, How you go about brown bagging it can save you even more money than you thought you would.

What I mean is there is an OK way that will save you a buck, but if you do it right you can save a couple more pretty easily and here is how.

We all like the little store bought items that come in the individual serving size store packages,  but have you compared the prices for those individual servings versus buying the large family size item and splitting it up yourself.

You wont believe it, but you are paying top dollar for all those neat little bags and packages of stuff, with all those brand names plastered on those serving containers. So what do you do?

Buy the bulk or family size items and then go buy some self stick food wrap, reusable plastic containers or get some of those reusable hot or cold food containers to put individual servings in. The zip closed bags are OK, but will end up costing you a bundle by the end of a year of lunches. Not really saving you much at all.

With the self stick food wraps, make sure you don’t fold it over to many times. Just use what covers the food and press it together gently if it really sticks good, and teach your child how to pull it open. Try to open it yourself after wrapping it and that will tell you weather or not your kids will be able to open it easily or not. Kids seem to have a problem with wrap, if it’s wrapped to much or to tightly.

You can even pack hot and cold in the same lunch with some of the new insulated carry lunch bags they sell. You will not only save and get more for your money, but your savings will grow much faster than buying those neat little packages.

And trust this also, the separated and home packed items will definitely be easier to open than most of those expensive single servings too!

So save a buck by brown bagging it correctly and pack the whole family to save even more!

Go Green, It’s good for the environment too!