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Energizer donates to Detroit residents.

Energizer has donated six thousand, nine volt batteries to Detroit residents, that are too be to be give out at fire stations in the city.

It will soon be time to set our clocks back in November and to replace the batteries in our smoke alarms.

So if you need a battery for your smoke alarm, just take your old one to your nearest fire station and they will give you a brand new Energizer nine volt battery to replace it. As long as they last.

Also, Energizer gave out 50 gift bags to residents that contained, a new smoke alarm, batteries and flashlight.

So, Thank You Energizer, for standing up and being one of the companies that contributes to America in our time of need.



The Holidays are Coming.

It’s getting to be that time of year again folks, where the air feels crisp, the beautiful fall colored leaves brighten our surroundings and the sunny days of summer are transformed into those cold and gloomy days of winter.

Cider mills are bustling with crowds of people, lined up waiting for those tasty treats. Pumpkins are being carefully selected and carted home too create those scary masterpieces we see in many front yards.

It isn’t long before we hear those words that seem to never be lost from year to year, Trick or Treat.

We musts had a hundred kids this year, dad tells mom as he pops one of the remaining morsels from the candy bowl into his mouth. Mom agrees, there were more kid than last year, as she sits on the couch rubbing her sore feet and watches her princess and spider man, compare the goodies they collected on their journey.

Days go by and now mom is looking all over for those missing gloves she thought she put away from last year, because it’s cold out and she has a lot of stores to visit to put together a Thanksgiving feast for all the relatives.

While they are out, dad quietly puts away a few summer items into the shed and digs out the snow shovels, predominantly placing them once again near the front door for easy access, all the while thinking to himself that it won’t be long now!

He ponders, that it should be cold enough this year too keep the extra beverages on the back porch again, while we make room in the fridge for all those tasty pumpkin pies and deserts.

Thanksgiving dinner was a big success as usual and with all the left overs, the pop will remain on the porch for a while longer.

Mon is now in a dizzy, (you do remember that Santa Clause has come tho town) between all of the I want that’s and the I sure could use one of those’s, along with trying too budget enough to still be able to give something to charity this year, she’s not only in a dizzy, but now she threatens that if she hears one more I Want, from anybody, that she will give everything to charity including the tree!

Wow, do you remember the Who’s down in Whoville, and that the Grinch’s heart grew three times it’s size that day. He have back everything he took and he even, carved the roast beast!

I sure hope you enjoyed this little warm up to the holidays, as it was fun too write. But I do have to ask you just one thing.

Please remember to give to charities, soup kitchens, and food banks this year as we celebrate this holiday season. Times are very though right now and they sure could use the kind donations as many people in our communities throughout America are not going too be celebrating the holidays unless we pitch in and make it happen.

Thank You for your kindness this Holiday Season! And in the words of a great comedian, (Red Skelton) Thank You And May God Bless, Goodnight.



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Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!

Free Reachout Wireless Government Assisted Cell Phone, for Low Income.

October 11, 2009 44 comments

It looks like another cell phone carrier, Nexus Communications Inc., has stepped up to the plate and is offering a government assisted cell phone, completely free to those who qualify. now is another place to go besides, to get a free cell phone, charger and a free supply of minutes every month.

These phones are available to anyone who qualifies and the only catch is that no matter which one you choose to go with, you can only have one free phone per household. Even if you choose one carrier and someone else in the house qualifies and wants the other one, you are not allowed more than one free phone per household, no matter what plan you choose, so someone will have to pass.

An easy way to get around that, is to buy a minute phone (some are now as cheep as $9.95)  and split the costs with the person who has the free phone. If you use them only when needed and cut out the chatting, now two people can have reliable communication at an affordable rate, without any contracts.

To get your free phone Click on one of the following links. Then follow their instructions.  SIMPLE!


Now, here is a little stress reliever to ease your day.

Good or Bad, Find out what others say about it.

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No matter what company or product it is that you are wondering about, check out the Ripoff Report.

The Ripoff Report is a site that many people use to vent their frustrations or problems they have had with a company or what they sell. It has thousands of reports to view.

The posts about the companies or items are in the words of the user, so that makes it very helpful to tell just what the person thought.

It’s a very popular site and I have used it to search many different companies that have offered jobs, only to find out that someone else had already been offered the job before me and got ripped off by them.

So any time you are in doubt to whether or not something is bogus, just click the following link below to find out just what others have already found out .


How do you like the Over the Air Digital TV?

You know, the kind that you get with an antenna and I’m not talking satellite either. I mean rabbit ears or the old rooftop or tower antenna.

Have you had any problems or complaints about it? Trouble hooking things up? Well overall it really isn’t to bad. The pictures are better, and many stations now have more channels which offer more programing options than before.

The main problem that I’m hearing is that some people have channels that they can’t get anymore. There could be several reasons for the trouble. Here they are.

1.   Your station simply decided not to go digital. Find their number and give them a call, or ask a neighbor who uses an antenna also, they might know.

2.   Your antenna might not be pointed in the correct direction. Try moving it a little at a time and rescan your box every time you do. You may get lucky and find it again.

3.   You may need a bigger or higher antenna for that station now. You could live on the edge of their broadcast area and have a weak signal. A bigger or higher antenna may help. Check The Shack or a TV store for more antenna help.

4.   Try a little trick. Simply move the antenna to different locations in the room if possible. You could be in a dead spot and when you move it you could get it to come in. Remember to rescan you box every time you move the antenna or TV.

5.   Try this, set your antenna on top of something that won’t burn to simply raise it up. Get it up as close to the ceiling as possible. Then try moving the direction. Remember to rescan each time. My neighbors son couldn’t get the new cartoon channel on his TV, it was only coming in in their living room. So I told him to put a milk crate on top of his TV and set the antenna up on that. After he did and rescanned he now gets more channels on his set than they do in their living room.

Two tips.  1.   If you get a pass through converter box, you could possibly receive more channels, depending on where you live. Canada and other countries still broadcast analog signals and you may pick up a channel or two.   2.   You can get antenna amplifiers that you can connect to your antenna, from Radio shack and TV stores. They may help pull in that elusive station.

Visit Antenna and follow their instructions. Just by entering your zip code and centering your location on their map, it will suggest the proper antenna and the stations you can expect to receive for your location! Try it, it works pretty well. Remember that some of the stations shown will have others that you may receive also!

I hope this helped to make your viewing better, so for now, pass me the popcorn because channel 4.2 is a new 24-7 retro movie channel in my area and “White Lightning” is coming on again.


If you need help with anything digital just click on Q/A’s up top and ask.

Remember, If you are buying a new TV, Recycle the old one to help save the planet from more pollution.

Or you can collect them like this guy in Germany did.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

Seniors, you must realize one thing – There are many people out there who will take advantage of you because of your age! Sure you already know this, but that is why you should be getting at least three estimates before you pay anyone to do anything for you.

The TV shops are getting rich from seniors and the electronically challenged by charging high fees to come to you house and hook up your digital converter boxes. So shop around first.

This leads me back to the intro line of  Don’t be afraid to ask. If you call around to the trade schools, colleges or local businesses that deal in what you are looking to have done, you will more than likely find someone that will be willing to help you out, outside of school or work.

Call businesses and tell them you are in need of help and short of cash, because many will help you out anyway for a reduced fee, or for free depending on what you need done.

Be Very Careful Though, because you never want to invite anyone to your home unless you can have someone else there with you when they show up. Ask a friend or relative to come over a little before the appointment time and if they end up not coming over before the appointment time, then call the person back and cancel the appointment! You can set up a new appointment again, when someone you know will be there with you.

And remember, never pay in full in advance! Always set up the deal where you will pay only a portion up front and when the work is done to your satisfaction,  then you give them a check for the balance.

But don’t be afraid to ask for help from schools, businesses, government agencies, or from friends or relatives, because there are many kind people out there who still respect seniors and will help them out all they can. But like I mentioned above, beware of those looking to take advantage of you because you are a senior.

If you ever feel that you have been taken advantage of,  just look in government section in the front of your local phone book and call your State Attorney Generals Office. They will help you file a complaint or let you know who to file one with. It’s not that hard at all. Just let them know your problem and they will help you out.

Remember we are here to help on-line also! And if we can’t help, we will post your problem so maybe someone else can! So have someone you know contact us and we will try to Help Them, Help You! We support Seniors!