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What’s a Goblin? Now That’s a Goblin.




You asked, What’s the best optical illusion I have seen all year.

The best optical illusion I have seen all year, is the one a friend sent to me that was supposedly from David Copperfield.

I will try try to find out if it is publicly released, so I can post it, but here is how it went.

You stared for a minute at a string of 5 cards across an email page, concentrating on only one. Then you simply scrolled down to the next line of 5 cards and you could still see all the cards except your own. Your card was gone. Over and over no matter what card you picked, it would vanish to you. It never failed.

Now imagine the amazement when we found out, that when two people picked a card at the same time and then scrolled down, each players card was gone as before, but both people could still see the card the other one picked.

One was able to see it and the other couldn’t and on the same screen and at the exact same time . You talk about a mind blower, we tried this hundreds of times and it never ever failed. Not even once. You talk about an illusion, Wow is all I could say.

How about you? What’s the best optical illusion that you have seen all year?


Definite proof of mankinds inability to think ahead. Because they aren’t straight.

How much coffee did the Big Toe drink?

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