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Veteran transportation services inc

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Veteran Transportation Services Inc.

These guys are non profit and in the business of helping disabled veterans get too their appointments. Right now they are only in a limited location, but who knows, maybe with the right help we might see them everywhere!

Keep up the good work guys, our vets deserve it.




September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!

Package Delivery Jobs, Pushing the limits!


Check out this article from Yahoo about Package delivery jobs, then stop and think about two and a half steps per second for the rest of your working years, even if you don’t feel your best some days or if your feet are tired and hurting. Then imagine going through the rest of the stuff you read. This may change your mind if you are thinking about signing on the dotted line with one of them.

What the package delivery industry is doing to it’s drivers and for a wage not even close to six figures is a crying shame to say the least. They pay you upper low class wages around $75,ooo and that’s before you pay for your truck and all the expenses of operating it. (FEDEX is that way, I’m not sure about the others.)

What is common about them all, is the way you have to run around with packages up to 80 pounds, like a chicken with your head cut off at 2.5 steps a second, except for taking baby steps on ice, (the only time they allow you to walk at a somewhat normal pace).

They give you stops along your route and they have factored in times to be at each one.

If your lucky you will get promoted to management. Lucky because the management can fire you on just one of their hundreds of rules, laws, and procedures they have for you to follow. From the time your personal car hits their property, to the time you leave their property, you are theirs and you will make no complaints about it. In some cases even after work on your own time!

In today’s age where the average worker is expected to change jobs more than 7 times in their life, you won’t last there for a full career. You will run into a come and go manager if you are there long enough, who doesn’t like you and they will fire you for something so stupid you will cuss them to your grave.

A couple of decades ago you heard of many post office shootings happening by stressed out employees being pushed to the limit. Well this is exactly where the delivery industry is going only at two and a half steps a second folks.

The owners need to stop looking at the bottom line for a while and invest a little back into their employees and in management training. Then they need to slow down the pace a little and seriously fine tune their procedures towards being a little
worker friendly, because there isn’t a driver out there that really likes the company they work for. Go Figure!

If you decide it’s the career choice for you, than put on your running shoes if they allow them and I hope you get a parking spot next to the door!


Out with Religious laws and in with Security!

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I do not care who you are or what religion you vow to participate in, if you want to fly out of any airport in America, than you better get used to going through the full body scanners and that will be that!! (Eventually!)

I won’t go because of this or I won’t get scanned because of that, or (and here’s the good one,)  I don’t want any strangers seeing my private parts! Well in this day and age, I will tell you what. The persons who’s job it is, to sit there and look for little details like batteries and wires, after seeing thousands of shadowy outlines of body parts every day, really doesn’t want to see your body parts (little details) either, and that’s a fact.

As a matter of fact they probably wish you would have stayed home and that no one flew, ever, so that they would not be made out to be the perverts they must be to have such an important security job like that. In essence, that is what you are doing to them! They are Trained professionals doing a job people! (What about all the different ethnic doctors who see real naked bodies and not just an image shown on a computer monitor! Oh Heaven Forbid!! Or Are they all perv’s also? Are all the people showing the doctor violating their religions too!!!)

You can damn well bet that if you were saying good bye to your family members and putting them on a plane destined for anywhere, that you want to be as sure as possible that no one on that plane was going to do something wrong! You are damn right you would like every form of screening to be used if it was your loved ones getting on that plane, now wouldn’t you!!!!!

So all I have to say is get over it for religious reasons or modesty reasons or any other reason for that matter. Each and every gosh darn person on that plane from nose to tail and that includes even the animals in the cargo hold, have someone in this world that loves them and want’s to see them home at the end of their trip. Even You!!! Mrs. I’m to modest or Mr. It’s against my religion.

So anyone who can go to a doctor, can go through the scanner also, religious beliefs or not. Cut the crap and just remember you got scanned for the safety of everyone else, just as everyone else did for your safety, so there! And by the way, I am sure that whoever anyone worships would definitely understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I will tell you another thing also; Trees, hills and valleys come in all different shapes and sizes too and whether or not you think you are special, there is probably a better one in the next forest!! Got ME!!! Understand what I mean!!! Than quit holding up the line already and go through the scanner, because I got a plane to catch and loved ones waiting at the other end!!!!!

P.S. How can anyone, confuse a portrayed image on a video screen as being the real thing? And if people have that bad of hangups, than simply put the person who is viewing the screen in a different room in back somewhere and they can just push a button or call on their radio if they see something alarming, so the officers out there with you can handle it. That way the one watching the screen never can see any person who’s image they saw on the screen. Simple Hugh!!!

And think of this, If the scanner screen had been placed out of sight of the public to begin with, than all of the fuss would have been a whole lot less over this issue. Remember, Outta Sight, Outta Mind,  just like your Little Details!!!