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Does anyone put Soy Sauce on their rice?

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I guess that I am the only one in America that uses Soy Sauce on rice. I am not talking about a main dish with something on top or mixed in with the rice, I am only talking about a side of any kind of prepared rice with nothing else on it.

I also have the next Million Dollar Idea that I will now give away to anyone who reads this.

When I put Soy Sauce on my rice, no matter how slowly I try to shake it and spread it over the rice, it still misses some of the rice and a lot of it just runs down and turns into a giant puddle that runs to the other side of the plate.

So here you go, run to the bank with this one.

Why not put Soy Sauce into spray bottles, like some salad dressings are packaged. This would be a much better way to put it on your food. The coverage would be so much better and it would help eliminate that annoying puddle at the bottom.

So, if you use Soy Sauce on your rice please let me know that I am not alone and if you cash in on that money-making idea, then send me a few bucks in thanks, I sure could use it!



Cash For Gold

You can trade in your old broken gold jewelry and gold items that you don’t want anymore and get cash for them.

Yes, just Google  Cash for gold and they will send you an envelope to return the gold. Then you wait for your check.

Most of these places that are reputable advertise on the TV so you could get their number there. Otherwise look for a reputable site.

I have heard that you don’t get a lot of money, but depending upon what you send in and how much gold it has in it they send you a fair check for your gold.

Ive never tried it so be careful and if you or anyone you know has tried it, please let us know how things went and if you would do it again.


Scrapping wisely can earn you more.

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Yes we all know about scrapping and the little things we can do to make that scrap more valuable to the scrap-man. Things such as stripping copper wire or separating metal types before you take the scrap in, will get you a higher price.

But did you realize that some of the items you pick up for scrap are worth more to someone else than they may be to a scrap yard?

Here is what you do. Save the items by type, such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washers – dryers, etc… You get the picture. Wait until you have a load of any one. Now take all those vacuums to the nearest vacuum repair shop and have them come out and see what you have, all the while you are reminding them about all of the good spare parts that can be salvaged by a good technician in his spare time and how that will save them money on repairs.

Now ask them what they will give you for the bunch and if it sounds better than the scrap price than take it, or bargain up from there.

There are many kinds of repair shops out there that sell repaired used units also, besides repairing them. These shops are always looking for deals on parts and if one of the items is hard to find, they will be especially interested in getting it for parts or to fix up and sell.  Save up a load and take it to them. You might have to visit a few before someone will take them, but the money is sure to be better than turning everything in for scrap.

If you get a sale, then let them know that you are willing to get more for them whenever they want some. Set up another load and your in business. If they don’t want more right away then give them your contact info and keep looking for another load in case they call.

One mans Junk is another mans Treasure.


Pawn Shops Give You Quick Cash.

I wouldn’t pawn anything that I want to keep, but if you have some extra junk you can get rid of then check this out.

Try out your local pawn shops for items that you are looking to Pawn or Purchase. They usually have a ton of things and at good prices. You can really get some good deals.

Look up the numbers of a few local ones and call to check for items or stop in often. If you have your mind on something specific, I would even recommend calling a few that are farther away from you. That’s how good the deals can get sometimes! When times are tough they have quite a selection of items.

Also if you need some fast cash, than this is the place you can get it. ******Just remember you have to follow their rules exactly to the letter, if you pawn something and you plan on getting it back later.

So before you pawn something make darn sure you understand all of their policies and you don’t mind if you loose the item.******** Otherwise you might be pawning your item away forever, and someone might just get a good deal on your things!!!

Make a Buck by Selling That Junk.

Have a Yard-sale to get a little extra income for the year.

Clean out the garage or attic. Summer is the perfect time to gather up things for a garage sale. Get rid of that stuff that has been hanging around forever.

Have a buddy or another family get into this idea with you and have it together, not only will you make money but you’ll have fun.

** hint**  We did a yard sale a few years ago and nothing seemed to be going, so I took a candy dish/fish bowl and put a couple of goldfish in it and next thing we knew someone came in, bought a TV and the goldfish! It was history from there.

Make sure to check with your city hall about necessary permits and maybe they have a “free yard sale weekend” also.

So pull out that dusty tennis racket or those old kid skates and make a buck.


Trading for Items, Instead of Paying.

Times are getting more difficult each and every day. Money is getting tighter as we all know because prices are skyrocketing on everything. So where is a person to turn if they need something and are short of the cash to get it?

Try finding the one person who has or can do what you need and for part of their payment, offer your skills in return.

You know what you are good at doing and if you have anything that you can do for someone in return, remember that it may be as good as cash to the right person.

Bartering services for items or other services, is as old as the hills. This is the special way you can get that service or item you need, for a lot less money and a little of your hard work in return.

Try it, and you may be surprised about how what you can do, can help you to survive, more than you ever thought. Remember that you can use these skills to earn money also. Just remember to tell everyone you run into, just what you can do.

Now are there any plumbers out there who need their grass cut for a couple months?


Scrapping for Dollars.

Many of the people who are jobless and need cash are collecting scrap metal on trash night. This is a great way to recycle metal that otherwise could end up in a land fill near your home.

If you find that you want to do this to make some money, please follow a few common sense things before you set out and the reason for this will follow at the end.

  1. Don’t block the street while you are picking up the metal. Traffic must be able to proceed without you moving.
  2. Don’t create a ruckus. Be quiet as a mouse, you are at someone else’s home. This goes for talking and the radio as well.
  3. Don’t leave the pile scattered all over the place, stack things back up neat like you found them.
  4. Don’t dig through everything hoping to find gold. Most people will separate things they know are being collected.
  5. Don’t be rude to anyone, even if they are rude to you. Just move along without problems, you don’t need a ticket.
  6. Don’t drive a vehicle that doesn’t meet the laws for your area, or you could end up in jail.
  7. Don’t stay if someone tells you to leave. Just put back what’s in your hand, say OK, then go to another place.

With so many people doing this, these simple rules must be followed by everyone or here is what will happen.

First off, many cities have laws against this activity and most are being very relaxed about issuing tickets because the collectors are not causing any trouble. If things start to get out of hand, be sure that the tickets will start to fly and then no one will be able to collect unless you are in a city that issues permits to do this and you get one and then follow all of their rules to be able to do it. The same would go for any city you visit.

We have all heard of  “one rotten egg spoiling the bunch” so lets keep doing things right or no one will be able to do it at all without paying, first.  Back to Business, Now hand me that lamp, it will look good in the den.