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More people want to rule you more than ever.


Well, in Michigan they have taken away some more of our rights and I wonder when it will stop, if ever! The anti-smoking law is about to come into effect May First.

This means that you will no longer smoke in most any public place! It was passed by people who care about others so much, that they want you to stop smoking around other people so they don’t get cancer from second-hand smoke.

They also care about the rising cost of health care and making everybody healthier will definitely help a bit

So we All lose another right. Yes I said we All. Why? Because if you jump on a bandwagon to stop someone from doing something, just remember this. The rights you take away from those who exercise them, are rights that you are taking away from yourself even if you do not choose to exercise them.

You have lost one of your rights for every law passed that takes away a right from others.

The real problem is that they are starting to get a little extreme and now they are starting to dictate what we can and can not do in our personal lives, which is dead wrong.

If you are one of the people who are getting your jollies by pushing for these freedom limiting laws to be put into effect because you don’t exercise your rights under any of these laws, then just hold on a minute.

You are going to see an extreme movement with various pushes to change various laws that will limit your freedoms also. Mark my words on this! If more and more laws change that take away freedoms from certain different groups, you will be faced with a challenge on every law that you won’t want to see changed, But remember this, IT WILL BE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

I wonder how much money we could save annually in our health care system and how much healthier of a country we could become by limiting the usage of Alcohol!

You see, every question that was used to get the ball rolling on anti-smoking laws or other laws that have taken away our rights, can also be put to use with other things. So why not open up a new can of worms because we don’t want to see anyone die of Cirrhosis of the Liver or any other diseases caused by consuming Alcohol. Plus, just think of the huge savings of lives, money and manpower, by eliminating drunk driving accidents from the roadways of the U.S.A.!

What next, Hunting, Fishing, I know, you could better protect yourself by doing just like Canada and taking our Guns!

We all have to start standing up to these people who have nothing better to do than to take away rights from others and our children! Before it’s to late!




The State Fair Grounds.

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The State Fair is a Michigan Institution. The only way to keep it profitable is to downsize, lay out plans and what must be included, minimum, would be to pick a new city to host it each year, if they wish, they could add to it.

For Example, Taylor’s community center is worthy of a state fair. If it were there than I might go. Easy in and easy out. Like most, I dont go to Detroit unless I have to. It’s just too complex for driving, too big and too busy. The people are genuinely great, but I’ll still pass unless your driving!

So dump the fair ground.

As for turning it into an aquarium, Isn’t there a nice one on Bell Isle we discarded to save money? Why not put money into it again instead of starting over.

How about making it a Metro Park so all the homeless can live when Detroit tears down 12,000 condemned homes where they live now. Each person could have their own tree and camp all year. Or go one step further, Make a homeless community and provide showers, toilets and phones. Then more homeless could find jobs. Give each a mail box on the park road with their name so they can get their jury summons and be a real part of society.

Sell it and let a developer put in a Wallmart.


Charles Gibson retires and the Average Joe just fades away

December 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Wow, they really went all out at ABC for Charles Gibson’s last broadcast. They shot a goodbye video that contained so many noted individuals saying good-bye to him, that there has never been a live TV show with that kind of line up and never will!

They had everyone from the President and past presidents, to the space station, all the way to Kermit the frog, Elmo, and even a cartoon Mickey Mouse saying goodbye and that they will miss him dearly.

It should end up on You Tube, just search “Charlie signs off for the last time”. That should find it for you when it is added. Here’s a link for now –  Charlie signs off.

Wow it’s absolutely amazing how all those people could honor one individuals retirement and Charlie should indeed feel well liked by many!

Now on the other hand, isn’t it a bit cruel what life gives to us, who haven’t had the chances or breaks that others have had. I’m talking about the “average Joe” anybody who has worked diligently at a job for thirty to forty years and has walked out the door, only to get a couple of goodbyes from a few people before they fade away into retirement. Not even a thank you from anyone running the company for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears they gave while working there.

Yes there are double standards in America, that’s why you will never see a goodbye tribute,  6 minutes long on TV for anyone you work with. Many of whom have done great things while working in their careers and still not even getting the old proverbial gold watch that everyone grew up knowing we were entitled to, when we retired.

I hate the double standards we have here in America and all the glamor and glits that goes with TV for just that very reason. There are many men who have even died while on their shifts at local factories and in mines. Died while working for a company and haven’t even gotten a plaque of remembrance placed somewhere to remember them.

Teach your children about these double standards we continue to have in America and maybe someday when they finely retire from a life time of dedicated servitude, there will be a reporter standing at the gate with champaign, flowers and a video of their life as they struggled through it to retirement, even if they were just the janitor! Who knows there may even be a representative from the company there as well.

Heaven only knows it could one day be, especially with all the surveillance cameras we have in workplaces, everywhere we do business and with only more yet to come.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Charlie, he apparently earned the well wishes from all those people, but it’s just another example of how there are different standards for everyone here in America, where all men are created equal.

Ya we are created equal, and everyone’s life is as valuable as the next persons, it’s just to bad we don’t see it as being so, or the nation would be seeing you when you retire, also. After all, you earned it too, didn’t you!


Koolaid, Daydreams, and Hot Summer Days!

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but I can remember as a kid spending many hot summer days filled with liquid refreshments, daydreams and friends!

It’s called summer vacation and for good reason, we all, especially the children, need to take a little break from whatever it is we do daily and wind down somewhat, so we can come back with a new perspective on things or finally feel a little refreshed for a while.

We use-to learn about all kinds of things that weren’t taught in school when we were on summer vacation. The world around us became one huge science experiment with new things being learned daily. We also grew mentally, as we experienced all we did on our summer vacations with our friends and families. Our children and their children all need to have this time to develop and mature just as we did during those long hot summer days.

But once again our government thinks they know what would be best for the country and President Obama wants to extend the school hours per day and possibly remove some if not all of our children’s summer developmental vacation time, so we as a country will be smarter and more competitive in the future.

What he is not looking at, is a child’s mind can only be pushed so far before they mentally start to overload and start to deal badly with even the easiest of tasks. This factor alone should be of enough importance to realize that we can only push our kids just a little more and that’s it. They are at their maximum intake level already. 10 hours sleeping, 10 hours up and off to school, 1 hour for after school functions or play, 1 to 1.5 hours homework,   1 to 1.5 hours dinner and getting ready for bed. Now repeat the process 5 out of 7 days a week for 9 months out of the year! How much busier do you want them to be!

To make the school day three hours longer would make our child’s day longer than most adults spend at work every day, especially during this recession when many workers are on cutback schedules. Also to remove most of their summer vacation would be mentally detrimental to most of them.

I look at President Obama’s big grin that he gets when he knows a real answer to a personal question he may be asked, but realizes he has to give a politically correct answer instead. I have seen that grin many times and it is unmistakable.

So I ask President Obama, does he remember anything at all from any of his summer vacations as a child, that still stands out plain as day in his mind when thought about?  Do You?  I would also ask him, as a kid did he ever get into any mischief that he could get in trouble for during summer vacation and if so, did he get caught or get away with it? Also were their any special moments or fun times spent with your friends or fond adults during those lazy kid days of summer, that he will remember for the rest of his days as a person here on earth?

I can guarantee that for all of those answers, he would be wearing that warm giant grin across his face and after thinking about his answers to those items, he would then turn away and say to himself quietly, “Man what was I thinking when I thought up those new school ideas !”

I guess it would be easy as president to forget about the intellectual side of things and focus his actions strictly for the good of the country. But for this one, he has to remember what would be more for the good of the children, first!

Hey Joe, please pass the lemonade if you would be so kind, Mr. Vice President, and by the way, doesn’t that cloud up there sorta look like John McCain? Yes it does Mr. President, and that one over there looks like Sarah Palin! It sure does Joe!

Ha Ha Ha, What a great time they both had (Barrack and Joe), sitting on the East Lawn on a hot summers day, drinking Koolaid and watching the fluffy clouds drift slowly by. The rest of the day’s itinerary for the President reads as follows;  5pm Go fishing with Joe.,  7:30pm Evening swim in the reflection pool with Bill Clinton and some Aids.,  9pm A game of Flashlight Tag with the senators on the White House grounds, followed by a sing along and marshmallows by the camp fire.,

Ahhhhhhhhhh Wasn’t Summer Vacation Great!



All the Wii games and All the Kings horses. Listen Up Sears.

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

What is this I heard? The major retailer of all retailers as far as I am concerned, is Dying? That’s the talk on the street, anyway.

So what are they left to do? All the Wii games and All the Kings horses couldn’t put Sears back together again.  However, it’s not what you sell but how you go about doing it.

As we all know, The Sears Catalog fell off the wall a long time ago and they can’t put it back together again. Or could they. Why should they?

The thing that would once again put Sears back in the spotlight is The Sears Catalog. Catalogs have been thrown to the wayside with the invent of the internet. Now to see what anyone is selling is as easy as “search and find”.

So just why would a store produce a catalog and send it to every home in America, for its inhabitants to look at? Well I’ll tell ya why!

Sears and Roebuck used to be a CATALOG store, and quite frankly I don’t take my laptop into the bathroom, but I do take reading material. Heck, there are millions of seniors without computers who would still use them.

What about all those repair guys sitting around on break and looking through the Grainger Catalog. They still have one,  it’s in most every factory break area in America for good reason. It gets them millions of sales.

Catalogs have fallen by the wayside only to be posted electronically on the internet. We have lost that intimacy we used to have with catalogs in America, being able to thumb through one any time we found one lying around somewhere. It is still yet way too early for a catalog store to survive without the printed form.

Besides I remember it was different and fun to look for something in a catalog, compared to the computer. Most of the time you knew just by the thickness of the pages left in your hand that you were close to the page that held your cherished item.  You would thumb through hundreds of pages at the blink of an eye only to stop within a couple pages of what you wanted to show someone.

Catalogs were a different form of fun and something else to do when someone was bored and just sitting somewhere. They were all over everywhere and they were always looked at and by a ton of people. Imagine all of those potential sales that have gone by the way-side because its easier to look something up on the web.

The reason Sears needs to bring back The Catalog to the homes of America, is so we can have the opportunity to look at or shop for something without having to turn on the computer. It may seem old Fashioned but I bet if Sears put their Catalog back into every home in America, next to the phone book where it used to be, than they would be back on top in no time.


Catalogs are still used very heavily in the business world, because even with all the catalogs on the internet, smart companies know that catalogs still sell products.

You can go Go Green and remove some of the unwanted catalogs from your mail box. Watch the following video. I haven’t tried the sites that are referenced so you are on your own.

Do you know what your LOCAL news channel is?

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment

When was the last time you watched any local news weatherman give the weather for South Eastern Michigan? Probably not that long ago. Tell me then, What counties were on the map that they use? I bet it was most of the counties south of Flint and west of Jackson, clear down to Toledo including the ones just across the Ohio border. It possibly included our friends across the water in Windsor as well. The report was probably given for the Detroit Metropolitan area in general. They may have mentioned some specific numbers for certain cities also. So we all got the weather for the region that evening which included a lot of counties, now didn’t it. So the weather broadcast portion of the news works great for everyone, but what happened when it involves the actual local news reports?

The Metropolitan Detroit area is usually considered to be made up of Three counties. Wayne county, being the home of Detroit and the downriver communities as well as communities to the immediate north/west of Detroit. Then there is Oakland county, which is a combination of communities northwest of Detroit, excluding the northeast upriver communities of the last county which is, Macomb county. Oh yea, a couple of extra ones in the mix, Washtenaw county catches the overflow, containing the cities farther west of Wayne county. We cant forget Monroe to the south of Wayne County.

So there they are, the big five honchos that make up the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area. Cool huh.

Now, do you remember when the old emergency broadcast system was used. Yep, the one with that annoying squeal that lasted for 30 seconds. Remember that? Now think back to what they used to say. ” If this had been an actual emergency you would have been instructed where to tune to the local station serving your area for additional news and information. This station serves the bla bla bla area including the cities of bla bla bla.”, close enough!!!

My point is that you had a local station that was for your area and each one concentrated more on their areas with overlapping big news stories found on a couple of stations.

I don’t think that anyone actually knew what their local station was for their area even though they heard it almost every time they heard that annoying tone. The only thing they knew, was that they were located in the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area and they found the station that seemed to cater more to their local area.

I now ask this question of you all, Did that old emergency system, help determine what local T.V. station would serve what specific area? I am sure that it did. So my final question to you all, is what happened to that idea of T.V. stations serving local areas when reporting the daily news, except for the big stories as stated above. Since they all have the same stories, we are missing the local news for our individual broadcast areas.

There may be a bunch of small stories happening in your city but you will never hear about them because all the news trucks and the choppers for every station are always at the big scene. They all say that they are your local news channel but are they really?

What is it that makes certain places be well reported about, while others get passed over almost daily? It’s the big stories that attract viewers from other stations. But, I ask you all, is this fair to everyone? Naturally we all understand that a bigger city will have more news events to cover, or a big money city will have more scandals to report, but when it all boils down to it, there are cities that are just plain overlooked for their daily news because the stations rank some cities as being more important no matter what the story may be.

What brought down the idea of local service areas and why have the news stations been allowed to key in only on areas they seem to favor. You see it every night on your local news channels and it is becoming more prevalent as the years go by. In days gone by, people would find the station that reported more news in their city and stick with them. But now no matter what channel you select, they all seem to choose the same specific cities over others in their reporting of the news.

Also have you noticed that the individual stories on all the channels are the same except for a couple of filler bits between the real news stories. They all must be good on spying on each other is all I have to say. This seems to happen routinely, or more than it should. Especially when it’s a heavy news day and there are tons of good important stuff to cover that is happening all over the entire region. Wow “what a quinkidink” (coincidence) as granpa used to say.

I know a lot of what makes up the news comes in from certain paths . They use to have news services, such as A.P.I on teletype, and now it probably comes in on the internet somewhere for the news hawks to pick up. That was usually the big news, not considered local. So why do all the local Greater Metropolitan Detroit news broadcasts look like they use the same script most of the time. The only thing that may change from time to time is that the guy who delivers the scripts to the stations drops them and the stories get told in different order on the different stations because the pages are not numbered. Do you know what I mean?

How about getting back to telling the news with set reporting areas for each station unless it’s a major story. After all you are supposed to be our local news aren’t you?


This one wasn’t a news broadcast, but it shows the difficulties that can plague newscasters and interviewers. It’s funny and sad at the same time. We might use it later in a post about Human Nature. But for now just check it out.

Cell Phones are Killing Pay Phones. Over Several Million Dead!

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Believe it or not, not everyone has a cell phone yet. Ya I know! How do they get along without it. Well people, believe it or not, not everyone can afford to have a cell phone. Even with the free phone from the government for people with a low income,, not everyone has one.

So what does someone do if they break down or need help and their cell phone isn’t working or they don’t have one? Nothing, You are sunk, because one form of technology has killed off another form of technology.

The home phone evolved into pay phones and phone booths which actually didn’t leave anybody out. They included more people. Then the pay phone evolved into the car phone for the rich, but we kept pay phones around so everyone was still included. Then the car phone evolved into the cell phone which included more people but still not everyone. Now the cell phone is so popular it killed most car phones and is causing pay phones to fall by the wayside, even taking out some home phones as well. Since not everyone can afford one, this is leaving many people out cold who need to make a call.

There used to be a pay phone on every corner and at every gas station or convenience  store, but now with the evolution of the cell phone, the pay phone has just about vanished from the landscape along with cassette tapes and dinosaurs. This is a prime example of how technology can evolve, but when it does there are some people who are left out because all the bases weren’t covered so no one would be left behind.

Phones can break, not receive signals, or be just plain dead and when that happens to you I hope that nothing major is going on, because you will be the one who is left out and when you walk into a business to borrow their phone and they tell you no, you will be sunk just like the people who depended on pay phones have been sunk for a while now.

My proposition is as follows. Why doesn’t some smart company develop a wireless pay phone that is small and built into a small pole or something. It would still accept coins, however the only thing that would be touchable is a coin slot. It would work on voice command with the speaker enclosed in the unit. All automated with coin operation and voice command dialing. No real parts for anyone to vandalize or tamper with at all.

This would then become the new form of pay phone and once again if you needed a phone, one would be available again at most corners. Now no one would be left out any longer.

All in All, advancements in technology are generally good, as long as they doesn’t leave anyone standing along the roadside without it when it changes!