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Stereos to fit the Budget, From Micro to Mini.

Yes, when times are tough and the family gets a little restless for something to do, turning on the stereo system is always a fun way to pass some otherwise mundane times.

It will lift your spirits whether it’s a Micro or a Mini Hifi from Panasonic, Sony, or Philips, to a rocking Ipod Docking system from Roberts or Intempo.

If you are in need of a new stereo system, one that will fit your budget and help you calm the troops is just a click away, with top models and brands to choose from. So happy shopping and listening and could you please turn it up a little, that’s my favorite tune!



Bean counters and the Walton’s?

Wow imagine this. The people who keep track of stuff, (I call them bean counters), said that we are returning to the days of the Walton’s.

For those of you who don’t know the Walton’s, they were a TV family back in the Seventies, that had multi generations of their family, living together under the same roof. From great grandparents, down to great grandchildren, they all lived together.

Well that’s what the number guys say, is happening in America as we speak.

I am just going to say this about it. I can’t stand when the number guys come up with something they see happening in their number counting and think that they have just discovered plutonium or something.

Most of the time, if they would get their noses out of the numbers for just a minute and look out a window they would be able to predict their numbers just by watching what is happening in this country!

Listen up number people out there, With all the Unemployment and Home Foreclosures that have taken place over the past year, as MILLIONS of people have lost their homes and have been devastated, it wouldn’t take much of a brain to figure out that many of those individuals had to go live with their relatives for a while, until they can get back on their feet!

So if you ever discover something really significant with your number counting, please let us know, but for now, just keep counting. We know what is going on in America, we weren’t born yesterday you know, but if your numbers ever find out why they still insist on making one ply toilet paper, Please let me know and Shut up John Boy were trying to sleep!


This Christmas Season, Pick On Someone during the Twelve Days of Christmas.

December 13, 2009 1 comment

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Well it’s the Holiday Season! We are into the Twelve days of Christmas. Festive decorations and Warm songs of Good Cheer and Love are beginning to fill the air, most everywhere.

Now I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but many people are without that spirit this year. Many more homes stand dark, undecorated or empty than normal.

There is a lot of rudeness in and around stores, due to the hustle and bustle that is brought about by all the retailers pushing their merchandise for you to buy and there is also the jobless, who have attitudes of being forgotten about by society and just can’t find it in their hearts to feel much Good Cheer this year.

Yes it is the season of Good Cheer, Love and Gift Giving.

Many people this year are going to experience their first Christmas without their home or even without their own decorations that they have put up for years. They have been part of the economic crisis that took a direct hit on their job and have lost much, if not all of what they had.

So this Christmas season, why not make it a new tradition for your family or yourself to Pick On Someone!

Anyone you, or someone you know, knows, who has lost their job, is a person or family to Pick On.

Now that you found someone to Pick On, make it a family effort and get the kids thinking about ways to Pick On that person or other family.

It’s a matter of giving what you can give to them, or helping them out in any way you can and as many ways as you can, even if it’s just shoveling their walk, it will help.

Give them money, food, food baskets, clothes, gifts for them, find out what gifts they need to buy for Christmas and buy some of them, gas money, offer to pay down one of their bills, do some of their errands, give them rides, buy toys for them to give to their kids, buy pet food and the list goes on as to how you can help them out.

Now just imagine if everyone who hasn’t been effected, chose someone to Pick On this year. Imagine all of the joy that it would give to those who need it and how much easier more people would make it through the holidays this season.

What if every business chose just one family to Pick On and paid for gifts that their own employees pick out for that family? Think of that. I guess they did and the tiny cut in their profits scared them!

What a Wonderful Season of  Good Cheer and Gift Giving it would Truly Be for Everyone, if Everyone could Pick On somebody.

On the First day of Christmas, Someone Gave to Me…. a Beautiful, 6 foot Christmas tree, with a stand!

On the Second day of Christmas, Someone Gave to Me…. Five sets of Colorful Holiday Lights and a Beautiful, 6 foot Christmas tree, with a stand!

On the Third day of Christmas, Someone Gave to Me…. A Clapper, Five sets of Colorful Holiday Lights and a Beautiful, 6 foot Christmas tree, with a stand!

Now go give the person you choose to Pick On, Your Twelve Days.



Fishing, Family Fun and Money Saving Also!

Fish R Man said…

Wow have you priced fish lately? Either it looks like it’s been in there a while and really smells strong, or the price is way up there.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody, but fishing can not only be a nice family get together, or a bonding moment between a parent and child, but for a great meal, you can look up the stats on fish taken from your local waters in the guide you get with your license to see if what you caught is in there and the amount that’s recommended to consume.

Bring them home and clean them or stop at a bait store and see if they will do it . Some will for a small fee. When you get home either cook them up for a tasty meal or freeze them to cook later.

This is a great resource, use it. Nothing says a Sport’s Fisherman can’t bring home a good meal every now and then. Visit the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council on-line, for a great fishing site with a ton of good information for all surrounding states.

Good Luck and Save a Buck! Now please pass me some of that perch, would you!

Strengthen your family in tough times.

Bankrupt No Option said…
Watch for anyone spending too much time by themselves. This can be an outward sign that things in their life aren’t going so well. All they might need is just a little extra attention from someone in the family or a friend, and a kind ear to turn them back around and get them headed in the right direction. But if you are ever in serious doubt about someone, seek out professional advice immediately!

Do as many things as you can together and always get the kids involved in as much as you can around the house. It might be as simple as cleaning out the garage. Do not make them work hard, they are not there to do your job. They are there for the togetherness, the conversation and the stability this will provide.

Quirky Mom said…
Good old game night. Make a family time on a certain day, night or time. Make a fun treat (let the kids help) then pick out a game that the whole family can enjoy on the right age level (if you have younger children). Do not let anything interrupt this time. No phone calls, no friends, nothing. You and the children will learn to anticipate this time together, and everyone will be “protective” of this time.

Parents, Let’s make it fun for the kids.

Dads lets get more involved. You all know that if you were to walk through the house to find a used toilet paper or paper towel core, then went to your kids room and got a toy car, then you sat down at the dining or kitchen table and stood up the tube in the middle, after that you propel the car towards the standing tube and then yell out loud “aw I missed it” you would have every kid within ear shot running to see what was happening and then yelling—– “my turn my turn”. Remember Half the part of having fun is just doing anything together!

bornbakwrd said…I can visualize every kid within ear shot responding. LOL. I think that too many families (including mine) are missing out on the family bonding that happens on family game night. This doesn’t have to be weekly but something like once a month would be a really good thing. If you think about it, kids play games all the time and look how tightly they form bonds with each other. Many of those bonds are life-long. This year, the day after Christmas, my son and I went and played Monopoly with my mom and we are still talking about how much fun that was. I think next time we will be sure that my dad can participate too (he had to work that evening).