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A little about black friday.

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

A little about black friday.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, the Friday when all the stores offer huge irresistible bargains to those who get there early. They also have many other great deals all day long.

It’s meant to get the stores earnings out of the red (a financial loss) if thats where they are and get them into the black, a financial gain in profits for the holiday shopping season.

Thats black friday! Not black any other day. So what about the stores that will open on Thanksgiving day? They are stoping the employees who have to work, from enjoying a day off with their families. Whether the stores can open or not should be left to their employees and it should be on a volunteer basis only. If they can get enough workers to volunteer to come in, then they can open, plain and simple. That way they might open and without looking like they place greed and profits, over family values and togetherness.

As for the shoppers, it’s their call whether to shop or not. That would be strictly up to them.

As for me, during that period of shopping on Thanksgiving Day,, I’d rather be watching football, playing games with the kids, cards with uncle Joe (you got to watch him, he cheats), raiding the fridge for leftovers, extra desert and doing it all comfortably at home in my sox! Besides, we all know that the stuffing only lasts a day and thats it!

You see, we work our asses off, for a whole year, for what we have and earn and I’m not giving up a day with family and friends that’s meant to enjoy what we already have, to go shopping! Deal or No Deal!

Now kids, I’ll pick suitcase 2 and 10,.! DAD YOU CAN ONLY GET TO PICK ONE! THATS CHEATING!
Hey, I got to try to beat those kids somehow, THEY ALWAYS WIN!
Besides, Uncle Joe is proud! But he is the Banker! LOL.




September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!

Free speech and a Football game?

There is one thing that changed in the NFL three years ago and it is still missing today.

The right as Americans to Free Speech. When a player gets a touchdown or interception in the end zone, the rule is no celebrating by dropping down to the turf or spiking the ball.

Doesn’t this rule invade a little on the players right to free speech?

You bet it does! What it also does is belittle the organization for having such a rule. Why don’t they quit trying to take away players rights and instead impose a proper rule on the celebrating.

If they are afraid that a players celebration is disrupting things, than why not simply limit the display of happiness to a 5 or 10 second time limit. Anyone caught going over the limit will get a little bench time and that’s that.

Problem solved, the players still gets to do their thing, and the game continues on without a lengthy interruption. Plus by doing so, the NFL doesn’t look so uncaring and demanding any more.

The time has come, and it’s been too long overdue.



The Stanley Cup play-offs. If you like hockey this is a major thing that happens every year and to watch your team go for the cup is a blessing of modern times and technology. Well modern times at NBC has finally gotten to the point of not caring about the fans and caring more about their TV ratings.

The usual procedure for out of town games, is to let the fans come down to the empty stadium and with our advanced broadcasting technology, watch the game on the big screens with our fellow fans and friends, while the game is being played at the other location. The times are rough in Michigan and especially around Detroit. Doesn’t NBC watch their own news programs, if they did then they would know that.

So why, when the world looks so bleak to millions, would they stop the fans from coming to Joe Louis Arena to watch the broadcast just because they want to increase their TV ratings.  They must not realize what is truly going on out here in the real world and that is nothing more than sad and driven simply by GREED.

There are businesses every day in America stepping up to the plate and helping people out any way they can and because of NBC’s ratings they go and pull that bull.

What they don’t realize is a little compassion for people who are having rough times would have gone a long way to help their ratings overall, had they advertised their options and stated they would still show the game for the fans, but it looks like they actually cared more about no one but themselves.

There are a lot of fans who had to stay home or go to the pub to see the game and I hope it caused their ratings to go way up, because when the series is done, there will be a large area of Southeastern Michigan blocking NBC from their favorite channel lists, thanks to their concern for the viewer count, rather than the actual million viewers who make up that count, and who attend the Stanley Cup Parade, the fans.

Lets see what NBC’s lack of human kindness and compassion for an area that is hurting, will do to their ratings in the long run. Someone who calls those shots for NBC should be fired for blocking the Joe Louis Arena from showing the game to a bunch of people who have nothing else to route for in their lives, because they are loosing their jobs and homes.

It’s sad that greed over TV ratings, could cause a major American broadcasting company like NBC, to do something as unkind as that in this day and age. That out of the whole group of NBC decision makers on that issue, not a soul would have the backbone to stand up and say, “For Christ Sakes, it’s so rough there that Leno went and did free shows there, before the car companies went bankrupt, and now we are going to stop the fans from being able to view at the arena, the possible final play- off game of the Stanley Cup Series, over a few damn rating points! I Think Not”.

But they didn’t have backbone or stand up with even an ounce of human kindness or compassion and the arena was dark and empty. The fans went elsewhere. Like their choice of favorite channels will, when the series is finished.

The Wings lost to the Penguins and NBC lost to it’s viewers.  (The last game will be in Jeo Louis Arena either on Thursday the 11th or Friday the 12th. We have received conflicting information on that.).

I wonder if NBC will be any kinder and let the Penguin fans watch that game in their arena. Probably not, were talking about NBC, Remember! But if they do allow it, it would appear NBC is prejudice against the Detroit Red Wings, now wouldn’t it.

This modern attitude that if you loose ratings or a customer there will be another, is becoming more the norm. It is not the way to do business if you want to truly be an example of success. Go back to the old way of  “the customer is always right” and where businesses made you happy to keep you their customer. Everyone would be a lot happier and businesses and their owners would return to being American Icons, that when mentioned would not just be a name, but would actually mean something to people again like companies used to.


Grand Prix Cars, Getting Scarier All the Time.

But this time someone is going to get hurt. I don’t catch many of these races but they need to lower the front end to the ground again.

If a piece of debris were to get under the raised section or it were to hit another car just right the driver would take the full force of the impact right in the groin. OUCH Yeah that’s what I said too!

This design is asking for trouble and I don’t want to see any of those drivers hurt before changes are made to correct this problem. So please, change this design Now.

Racing Officials are you out there. If anyone can get word to Roger Penski,  he can set them straight.


Tiger Stadium, Finish it off then Remember.

Just finish tearing it down already and then plan a memorial on that corner. Make the memorial triangular shaped and about three or four feet wide across each front side facing the streets. Only about as high as a seat back, that’s, it. Pour it out of concrete and clear coat it to preserve and protect the cement. On the front side facing Michigan Ave., put an actual carving or picture of the stadium and on the Trumbull side, a list of their pennant years and world series wins.  That’s what would face the street sides.

Now on the back  side, simply mold the concrete to resemble four stadium seats, or even one 4 place bleacher seat that would face towards where the stadium was, so people could sit for a minute and remember all the good times they had there, after looking at the front.

No taller than a seat back from the stands and triangular. Plain and simple. Just something people could stand next to and get a picture of them with the Stadium and list of wins on the front faces and then get a picture of them in the seats on the back side.

Remember to put a few drain holes in the cement seat bottoms. Now if you really want to make it an attention getter mount a casting of a Tiger on top, standing on two back feet jumping forward towards the street corner.

Easy cheep, complete, shows the stadium and tells the history. Plus seats on the back to sit and remember, and a big tiger for the kids, Finished.

If I had the money for the couple cubic yards of cement which is all it would take plus a little handiwork I would do it myself.

Do it Detroit and you will look good to everyone who loved Tiger Stadium.


Grainger, an Awesome Parts Store that turns away the public.

If you are the type of home owner who repairs a lot of your own stuff and you ever need parts, Do Not Go To Grainger.

You can walk in begging for the part and willing to pay them in cold hard cash, only to end up being sent out the door packing. They are well known through out the industrial and commercial business world out there, and they stock a lot of things that are hard to find.

But as a homeowner, Do Not Go There. Period. I don’t know if they ever sold to the public, but their way of doing business restricts anyone not associated with a business, from buying anything there. I feel that in this day and age, to refuse to sell to the public, when you are actually just a retailer and not a genuine manufacturer, is not very nice, but also a bad business decision to boot. Their bottom line could increase considerably, if only they sold to the public. I don’t know their reasoning behind it, but I know they sit there and do nothing, when they could have bailed out many people by selling them the parts they needed, that only they carry.

I know this first hand. That is my experience with them and I have tried to purchase something there several times, because they were the only place that carried what I needed locally.

If the reason is fear of returns, because customers say it will work and then return it, they could simply say, no parts sold unless they are a direct match, and or the salesman approves the replacement part. Period. This would not only solve their return issues, but allow them to be more of a driving force in the economy and to the towns they are in.

I hope that some day they reconsider their ways of doing business.  They loose out on many sales this way and until you hear the big announcement on your nightly news, with all the new advertising to go with it, I wouldn’t go there. As a retailer in America, they are not very friendly or supportive to the public in the cities they do business in, or elsewhere for that matter. So for now, if you search high and low you may be able to find the parts you need, but you might be looking at several hours of long distance calls and a few hour drive just to go see if they are indeed the correct parts.

Now if you need that knueter valve thing y on Christmas Eve, so you can fix your furnace and save the cost of an emergency repair service call, at 10 times the normal price, then you better just stay home and tell grandma and the children, that they better wear a warm robe tomorrow morning to open their presents, because it may be a little cold around the Christmas tree, Thanks to your present from Grainger.