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The key to landing a job.

The key to landing a job is that you really have to want it.

If you half heartily go into an interview not really happy with where you are applying or with an attitude that expresses you are not really concerned if they don’t call you, than you can kiss that job goodbye. You may as well not have applied.

The way to land any job even if it isn’t the exact job you want, is to go into the interview with a positive attitude and a real expectation that you are already talking to someone who works where you will be working as soon as they hire you.

Yep, you have to think positive, believe that you are the one they will be calling. Express how the job interests and excites you and that you can’t wait to jump in and get going on your first day. Speaking of which, you must be prepared to stay when you answer the question of when can you start with an enthusiastic how about right now!

You see, its your enthusiasm and you qualifications that shine through to someone conducting an interview. Your answers and actions will stand out above the rest of the applicants and they will see you as a motivated team player who is ready to work.

That’s how you get almost any position you apply for. Now if someone comes across to them as being just a little more motivated or qualified than you, than you might lose that one by just a little but the practice you gain will certainly help you during your next interview.

Now if you are the type that has a hard time talking to new people, just try this.

Pretend that the interviewer is a great old friend that you haven’t seen in years and you are at lunch talking about you and your work, That should help you get over any bad case of nerves you could get.

So now get out there and land that position you always wanted. It’s not only easy, but now you know how!


Corporate policy that you Shouldn’t Follow to Keep your Job.

Well, 2 Sprint employees, 1 Wall-mart employee, and 2 Best Buy employees have been fired recently for trying to do the right thing when they all spotted shoplifters, or so they thought.

Apparently all the stores feel that these individuals violated corporate policies on following or chasing shoplifters and they all lost their jobs on account of it.

To beat it all, the 2 Sprint employees were in another store, on lunch and they still got fired by Sprint for their actions.

One of the former employees said that it was the way he was raised, to step up and help when needed, but he still lost his job with Sprint.

You see most every store has their own rules on how an employee should proceed when they spot someone shoplifting while they are at work on company property. Violate the no chase rules on shoplifting and it’s Adiose Amigo for you.

So, and I never thought I would ever recommend this to anyone since I once helped to chase a shoplifter out of a store, across a parking lot and across a side street onto a neighbor’s lawn, where he was tackled by three burly employees, then walked back to the store to face the law over the $10.00 item he put in his pocket.

I don’t even think there were corporate policies on what to do in a situation like that back then, but I do know that because we acted, we not only got a petty thief off the streets who was wanted for stealing other small items from other stores, but we received an Atta-Boy along with a paid day off from the Owner, the next time he visited the store.

I know that now days, liabilities and law suits play a major role as to why there are policies against actions like these. But for Human Sakes, stop punishing those individuals who were raised with backbone, who step in to help where help is needed, because that’s the way they were taught while growing up.

Their parents didn’t teach them to run the other way when something is wrong or someone needs help. They were taught to pitch in and help. Those kind of people should be the leaders of both big business and of our country. They also weren’t taught to sue someone because they stepped up to act and got themselves injured by doing so, either.

What the businesses are effectively telling the criminals now days, is that you can steel anything you like from my store, just don’t come back because you are on camera! Go to another store next time!

What these businesses need to do is just the opposite. They need to set a policy on shoplifting that will warn against employees taking action but still allow for anyone that decides to act on their own behalf to stop or apprehend the crook. It should not only let them keep their job, but be rewarded for what they did also. Sure, have every employee sign waiver papers so you can’t be sued for their actions, but for bloomin sakes man, let them get involved if they so choose! This is America!

By firing them for their actions you are only making things in this country worse, instead of better! What if your daughter or wife’s purse was being snatched and the same guy who got fired for stopping a shoplifter saw it and just walked away! You would have wished that they had acted on their behalf, now wouldn’t you! But what you are teaching everyone by firing these brave souls, is to not get involved in order to keep their jobs.

So, until the companies you work for change their policies on shoplifting, you can do what you feel is right. I am recommending to you, because you need your job, that you just turn your head whenever you see something happening where you work, so that you don’t get fired for doing the right thing.

This way, the thief gets what he wanted, the store recoups their loss with higher prices and you get to keep your job! It’s pretty much a win win win for everyone.

I guess with that said, the stores are off the hook in having to hire corporate lawyers to change policies that would make America a better place, because all they have to do is get out the old price sticker gun to raise prices and cure the problem.

Now, I have a corporate backbone for sale, who want’s it! And if it’s stolen, the next one will cost you double!

P.S. Give those people their jobs back, This is America, Remember!


Unemployment Extensions! We will update here as we learn about them.Pp

# 1.
They have extended the unemployment benefits temporarily again while they try to figure a longer term handout.

You have been extended to June 2 2010. When they will run out again. Stay tuned for more folks Or comment with updates you have heard about!


When seeking a job, Find your Passion.

Finding a job can be as simple as applying and then after a good interview, starting on Monday. Whala you have a job. But is it really the job that will make you happy?

For a few days while job searching, think and list (leave a couple of lines between each item on your list) all the things that you are passionate about. Things that you enjoy or get happiness from being near or around. Even if it brings you happiness by just thinking about it, then write it down.

Now this is the part that becomes fun. You should be in a little better mood after filling a page or two of things that you like. Now read slowly through your list and as you are reading, you think of or find in the newspaper, jobs for each happy item you listed. You can ask people you know for other job ideas that fit your happy things.

After days and even weeks, you will have compiled a pretty thorough list of jobs for each of your happy items. Now all you have to do is, keep your eye out for a job that’s on your list and apply for it, whether they ask for a million years of experience or not.

On your cover page or when going in to speak with anyone about the position, make sure that you fully explain your passion, the reason you would like a shot at trying to learn the job, and make sure you write it or tell it from your heart.

You see, there are a lot of people each end every year who get the chance at a job, just by telling someone about their passion that goes right along with the job. When you are passionate about something and trying to explain that to someone else, you will absolutely glow. Your audience will be so engrossed in your story, that you become the reason the job was invented in the first place.

I don’t care if one of your passions may be, seeing as many people in a day as you can, and then you find a job opening for a ticket taker at the local theater. It is a good job for you, and when telling the interviewer or writing that cover letter about your passion for meeting people, your dedication, conviction and happiness, will shine through and you will have a better shot at getting that job.

You see, an employer would rather hire the proper person for a job, that way they aren’t constantly looking for a new person when the old one quits. If you show them why you would be the right person for the job, no matter what your passion is that relates to the job, than you will shine above the rest.

Here is a few examples before closing.

Passion; Being alone.  Jobs; Janitor, Security Guard, Private Detective, Funeral Home help, Housekeeper, Park Maintenance, etc.

Passion; Like Flowers.  Jobs; Florist or flower shop help, Interior or Clothing Designer, landscapers, etc.

Passion; Love Ice-cream.  Jobs; Ice-cream shop person, Ice-cream truck driver, Ice-cream factory worker, Ice-cream sales person, etc.

Passion; Hiking.  Jobs; Sporting good store worker, Hiking instructor, Campground attendant, Forestry position, Tour or Hiking Guide, etc.

Passion; Books;  Jobs; Book store attendant, Library personnel, Book publishing company job, Literary assistant, Proof reader,  jobs with time for you to read, Security Guard, Etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps you to not only land a job, but that you end up with one where you eventually advance or branch off and start your own business, because you Found Your Passion!


Gas Stations Suck.

March 6, 2010 1 comment

You are all to blame,

What more dangerous of a job could you have and get paid the glorious sum of SEVEN dollars an hour.

SEVEN dollars an hour, for all the responsibility, unflexable rules and all the headaches that go with it.

Gas Stations across America, YOU SUCK as employers.

All the big profits you end up making come from people who are hard working, endangering their own lives and for SEVEN dollars an hour.

Then on top of it all, you have all of your crazy rules that everyone must strictly adhere to or it’s the chopping block, with no explanation or even a thanks for anything you did.

You know darn well there are times when a cashier will go slightly over the drawer limits you set. But you set those drawer limits in stone and they may never be broken.

You are not very good management is all that it shows and here is why. You know that when there is a rush and the pumps are full, that the drawer will likely go over and while the rush continues the cashier doesn’t have the time to keep your customers happy and count and dump hundreds of dollars at the same time, YOU KNOW IT. Besides, it wouldn’t be safe either, so they wait for small breaks between customers to make the dumps.

You also penalize them for counting mistakes made when dumping their drawers, so you just hire these people and let them hang by their toes until it becomes publicly known that a mistake was made by someone, then the little big shot regional managers all strap on their firing guns and blow that person away from ever being your employee again, along with putting an unnecessary black mark on their employment history, as if they were the bad guy.

How unfair of working conditions are those. Sure the cashier could make paying customers wait while they count and drop money so their drawer doesn’t go over, and risk one of them calling and complaining that they made them wait, or worse, promote a robbery, then here comes the firing guns again.

You are just BAD management and until the day comes when every gas station clerk in this nation gets their voice heard and changes are made for a little flexibility within you system, you will continue to be just that.

You big Gas companies should respect your workers enough to make things like this change and you should also pay them a decent wage for the dangerous job they do.

Here is a link to a story that happened a while back, showing how some of their rules need to be changed! I sure hope this lady got another job or shame on all of you big Gas suppliers. Link to story and Video.


Job Tips for Chiefs. Indians Need Not Apply.

Take a look at any of the job spots on any of the local news channels in your area and you would swear that every worker who is searching for a job is a Chief.

When are they going to wake up and realize there are more Indians than Chiefs in any business and that they need to start catering a little more of their advice to the Indians and little less to the Chiefs.

It seems they always tailor their advice more for people who are looking for office positions or management positions ( Chiefs ), where it is important to convey certain types of information to the person interviewing you in order to get the job.

Those people need to explain things like; How you helped the company you were with, How you can help their company, What kind of projects you lead and how they were beneficial to the company etc.. Thats mostly what the stations give as tips for landing a job on almost every job spot.

Indians on the other hand are the back-bone of American business. There is usually two or more indians per chief, so why don’t they start tailoring more of the job help for the Indians who are looking to find regular labor positions? These are the people we need to put back to work for the economy, the ones who need more help top bbc land that job during an interview. They need different kind of tips on landing a job because the items I mentioned for the Chiefs don’t fit with a labor or even a skilled trades position.

Yet all the job spots who give job tips, just keep catering their job tips and information towards the Chiefs. Maybe they figure that most anyone will do in the other positions and someone will get the job. But if they actually thought for a minute, they would realize that it’s important to the hiring manager to find a good reliable person to do those jobs also and not just anyone!

So to all these tip tsections in the papers, on the news channels, and on the internet, Please start giving a little more advise to help the Indians who are trying to land their positions, because after all they are workers too and as the backbone of American production they deserve to have a little help just like you are giving to the Chiefs. Wake Up! and Play Fairly.


The New Displaced Workers Guidebook (Michigan) is Out

Well, apparently there is someone in Michigan that does see what is going on and wanted to help. The Dean of the House of Representatives, John Dingell had a displaced workers guide on his site, listing many ways to find help in Michigan.

Problem was, unless you visit his site regularly, most people who are loosing or lost their job will never ever know the guide exists. I never did and I wish I had known about it when I was laid off for 14 months! Well it does exist and it has been revised.

The New displaced Workers Guidebook ( for Michigan) is now available and is like the encyclopedia of  “Where is What” for anyone loosing or who has lost their job.

Moneys Tight. is here to let the country know about things like this. That’s why we are here. We spread the word to you and you pass it on. So pass this on to anyone you know who is down right now and needs a little help.

Thanks Mr. Dingell for helping people when they can use it the most.

I would like to see some of the other states representatives step up to the plate for their citizens who need help badly also. If anyone knows of resources for other states such as this then by all means let us know so we can get the word out to those who need it.

Click the following link to get to the Guide and remember to let anyone who you think may need it, know it is here for them, thanks to the Honorable John D. Dingell. He’s one representative that knows we are all in this together folks!

Click — The New Displaced Workers Guide.

We will add it to the GET HELP page so it’s easy to refer to.