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September 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Well we have established a place for everyone to let others know just how you feel about practically Anything!

Tell the fast food place they screwed up your order. Tell that internet sight just why you are an unhappy shopper. Let that car repair shop know they did a good job, or thank or praise someone you know who deserves it!

LETEM KNOW!   Is your place to  get it off your chest!

Visit often and remember, If you got something on your mind, just,LETEM KNOW!


April 22, 2010 2 comments

It has been estimated that almost 4 Million people will end up paying fines for not getting the mandatory health coverage the government wants us to spend our money on.

If  it will cost you more than 8% of your income you will be exempt because you are lower class. Most all of the upper class who have money still left over to burn at the end of each month will go for the insurance. This leaves those estimated middle class individuals earning below $60,000 or $120,000 if married in the pot that will experience the biggest losses and the most trouble by having to get the insurance.

When they have to give up to 8% of their income for insurance, you will see a lot of these people go bankrupt and lose everything. If they refuse to get it they will be fined anywhere from $600 to $1,000 dollars or more and it will come out of any tax money they expected to get back for that year.

Many of these people need this tax money for necessary repairs to their homes or auto’s. They pay down credit cards and other bills including property taxes with their tax returns. It will hurt these people tremendously.

Isn’t there something that is just plain wrong with the government making you do something or getting fined if you don’t? If this is allowed to happen then what will be the next thing they will be fining us on for our own good?

Exactly what will it be that they will make you spend your hard-earned dollars for next? Even if you can’t really afford it!

This isn’t the way that our government is supposed to work. Did you get to vote on the health care bill? No, neither did anyone else and why not? You weren’t included in the law making process this time. It wasn’t put on a ballot for the American public to vote on. How about next time they want to pass something that makes you pay for something even when you can’t afford it? Will you be included then!

Probably not, since they did it this time, they will most certainly do it again!

This is something that has to be stopped and rather quickly I might add. It’s not the way our government was meant to operate.!

We are the people and we are the government in this country, of which  those elected should all be doing things for the good of everybody and not telling us we have to do something for our own good, that many will unfortunately have to choose not to do and be fined.

That’s Just Plain Wrong!


Unemployment Extensions! We will update here as we learn about them.Pp

# 1.
They have extended the unemployment benefits temporarily again while they try to figure a longer term handout.

You have been extended to June 2 2010. When they will run out again. Stay tuned for more folks Or comment with updates you have heard about!


TAYLOR BOOKER a True Roll-model

March 29, 2010 1 comment

A young lady named Taylor Booker is a real hero and should be a real roll-model for young people everywhere.

The story has it that an elderly woman suffering from a stroke, miss-dialed the phone for help and got Taylor’s house instead. She answered the phone and after a few words were spoken, quickly jumped into action, realizing that the person on the other end really needed help.

She grabbed a cell phone, dialed 911, and began relaying information from the lady to the operator. Emergency crews were able to get to the lady’s home quickly and credit Taylor with saving her life.

Way to go Taylor!!! We just wish more young people were as caring and concerned with what happens around them as you are. I hope that you get some type of recognition for your heroic act and please continue being the kind of person you already showed the world you are.

The world would be a much better place, if more young people carried the same outlook on things as you.


Government Bailout for Home Mortgages

Finally the government has instituted a plan with the four big mortgage lenders in the country, and they will be giving many homeowners some much needed help in the months to come.

So remember to call your lenders soon. To save your home.

To bad there is nothing they could do to help the millions who already lost their homes, because they didn’t see how bad off people were until now.

On account of their blindness and delay in action, Millions of lives have been hurt.

An update to this is that they actually didn’t start helping until years later. What a scam that was. It finally took the president to make them do it.

You better shop those farm markets and produce stands early.

You better get there shortly after they open or it may be slim pickins otherwise.

You see, during a recession everyone learns to fend for themselves and they learn to do things that save them money.

One way to save a huge amount of dough is to shop your local farm or produce markets. They have tons to sell in a very limited time frame and you can get some great deals on produce there.

People usually get all their seedlings, plants and seeds for their gardens there in the early spring also. During hard times there are more people that plant gardens than when times are good and they learn how to can fruits and vegetables just like grandma used to do. So expect to find standing room only this year when you go to get yours.

That’s why I say to visit them early this year, or you may be the one left buying the sour grapes or planting spinach and onions! Hey wait a minute, I like onions, but please hand me a couple of those tomato plants too, would ya!