We are starting some “For Sale”  Pages to help everybody put a little cash in your pocket and maybe pay a bill.

Remember you can always donate to the “WANTS n’ DONATIONS” section also. Where we can really help some people out who can use it.

So lets start off selling Now.

The Sale Categories are listed in the drop-down boxes, under the tabs above. Enter your item in the appropriate category. Just make sure you include a City and State, and a form of contact like your E-Mail, so people can reach you.

Give the price and description. Nothing Illegal, Obscene, or Dangerous, and make sure it’s in decent shape and works. If something is wrong with it, than please include that in the description. Keep the prices Fair, after all we are here to help others who need it.

Have fun and Happy selling.

By the way, If you make a buck or two, my favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, so Email me!


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