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Budget Mobile. Another Free Phone.

December 8, 2014 1 comment

Here is a comment we thought deserved its own page.
Thanks Matt. That is what this blog is all about. Sharing things too help everyone get through tough times!

Hi Everyone. My name is Matt and I represent another company called Budget Mobile. We also offer a free cell phone, free minutes, and free texts every month to folks who qualify. In California, that means free unlimited talk and text every month! Most other states are limited to 250 minutes and texts each month. To learn more about California LifeLine, visit this link on our website: All other states we serve are listed on the front page of our website. Just click on your state’s name for more information.

Thanks Matt for letting us know of another option to get help in the form of a free phone.



Free Reachout Wireless Government Assisted Cell Phone, for Low Income.

October 11, 2009 44 comments

It looks like another cell phone carrier, Nexus Communications Inc., has stepped up to the plate and is offering a government assisted cell phone, completely free to those who qualify. now is another place to go besides, to get a free cell phone, charger and a free supply of minutes every month.

These phones are available to anyone who qualifies and the only catch is that no matter which one you choose to go with, you can only have one free phone per household. Even if you choose one carrier and someone else in the house qualifies and wants the other one, you are not allowed more than one free phone per household, no matter what plan you choose, so someone will have to pass.

An easy way to get around that, is to buy a minute phone (some are now as cheep as $9.95)  and split the costs with the person who has the free phone. If you use them only when needed and cut out the chatting, now two people can have reliable communication at an affordable rate, without any contracts.

To get your free phone Click on one of the following links. Then follow their instructions.  SIMPLE!


Now, here is a little stress reliever to ease your day.

FREE Government Cell Phone by SAFELINK WIRELESS, for Low Income.

The government and Tracfone – (Safelink Wireless) have stepped up to the plate and hit a homer with this one.

You get a basic, free cell phone complete with a wall charger and they supply you with a certain amount of roll over minutes per month, every month, to use as you wish. All Free and No Contracts Involved.

You can also buy extra minutes on a phone card, sold at local convince stores, shopping centers and many gas stations to add more time to the phone if you ever run out, or want more time before the next month.

The qualifications and amount of minutes change by state. You can see if you qualify for the free phone and sign up at their site listed below.

It’s real easy to sign up and not to bad of a deal, considering that it doesn’t cost you a dime and provides you with your very own 24-7 cell phone to use as you need.

The only catch is you can only get one per household. If you have two people in the same house who need them, then one of you just go purchase a pay as you go phone for $19 bucks and pay for your own minutes or split the cost. This is a very affordable way to have phone service between two people who really can’t afford contract phones.

So get them, but use them sparingly, keeping down the chit chat and you will never be without a phone again. It’s a real help and money-saver.

I haven’t heard of a cutoff date for getting the phones or a date when the free usage will stop, so go to SAFELINK WIRELESS.COM and see if you qualify.

You can completely register by calling them at 1-800-SAFELINK, or on their site at one of the links provided here. It’s Free, Completely Confidential, And A Big Help To Anyone Who Is Having It Tough.

Thanks for this one TracFone and Uncle Sam.

Reachout Wireless has just come up with the free phone offer also.

To get your Free Phone, CLICK on one of the following links. Then follow their instructions. SIMPLE!


Here’s a few more HOT TIPS

Those old unused cell phones are perfect for older more responsible kids and teens who have been taught how to use 911. Let them carry one with them when they go out and you will feel a little more at ease while they are gone.

They are great to keep as a spare emergency phone in your vehicles, or to take when you are on vacation also.

Give them to visiting out-of-town relatives who don’t have a cell phone to carry during their stay, and they will never forget it.

Give one to an older relative who doesn’t want a cell phone. Explain to them that 911 is free and they can keep it charged at home for an extra phone to use in emergency’s or they can carry it with them when they go out and it won’t cost them a dime. It could save their life!

You can also donate them to charities and recyclers. There are even a few organizations that take used cell phones and in exchange provide our active duty service men and women with free phone cards to use as they want. These programs may be hard to find locally, but are definitely worth donating to. Search “used cell phone donations’ in your search engine to find one near you.


Now Here is a Little Stress Reliever to Ease your Day.