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Do you like Google?

December 14, 2015 Leave a comment

With Google watching our every move, no one any longer has the privacy that they expect, at the times they should.

Forget the time old worry that people used to have, about the government implanting microchips in everyone so we all are numbered and tracked.

The government has outsmarted us. We all have a number, voluntarily and we are all tracked by satellite wherever we go,  all thanks to our New government agency, Google!

Smart phones are that chip that we all carry with us voluntarily. Hell, we not only gladly pay for them, but we even pay monthly fees for their daily use and the upkeep of the systems they use.

If that isn’t one of the best take offs of the old proverbial Trojan Horse, than I don’t know what is.

We also buy and get apps for them and blindly click accept to their user terms, without reading the rights they want us to give them.

Those rights you give to Google or the apps owner, include most anything you could imagine that would not only tell someone all about your life and what you are doing,  but also let them know everywhere you go and anywhere you have been!

So stop worrying about implanted chips, because you already have a pocket or a purse full of them, along with a phone number to go with them, and Google and our government gladly thank you for your gullibility! Suckers!





OMG! Un-believable …Yet Again there go more rights.

April 29, 2010 at 6:09 AM | #1

OMG! Un-believable …Yet Again there go more rights. In Santa Clara County in California they are trying to get a bill passed that bans fast food restaurants from putting toys in kids meals.

The toys are not what makes our children “obese”, it’s what they put in their mouths. And for the Lawmakers or Government to tells us, yet again, not to feed our children fast food, is ridiculous. Sure fried foods aren’t good for our children or us, however, it is our “right” as parents and adults to monitor what our children consume. We as parents have to decide what choices our children pick to eat. There are some healthy items on the menus of fast food restaurants. We as parents have to discipline ourselves to help our children to make the right food choices. It is NOT up to the government to step in again.

They (the government) already have stepped in too much, “for our own good” to “help” us with our children. Personally, I think it should be up to the parents, not only on what we feed our children but also how we discipline them. Enough is Enough, tell Government to STOP!



April 22, 2010 2 comments

It has been estimated that almost 4 Million people will end up paying fines for not getting the mandatory health coverage the government wants us to spend our money on.

If  it will cost you more than 8% of your income you will be exempt because you are lower class. Most all of the upper class who have money still left over to burn at the end of each month will go for the insurance. This leaves those estimated middle class individuals earning below $60,000 or $120,000 if married in the pot that will experience the biggest losses and the most trouble by having to get the insurance.

When they have to give up to 8% of their income for insurance, you will see a lot of these people go bankrupt and lose everything. If they refuse to get it they will be fined anywhere from $600 to $1,000 dollars or more and it will come out of any tax money they expected to get back for that year.

Many of these people need this tax money for necessary repairs to their homes or auto’s. They pay down credit cards and other bills including property taxes with their tax returns. It will hurt these people tremendously.

Isn’t there something that is just plain wrong with the government making you do something or getting fined if you don’t? If this is allowed to happen then what will be the next thing they will be fining us on for our own good?

Exactly what will it be that they will make you spend your hard-earned dollars for next? Even if you can’t really afford it!

This isn’t the way that our government is supposed to work. Did you get to vote on the health care bill? No, neither did anyone else and why not? You weren’t included in the law making process this time. It wasn’t put on a ballot for the American public to vote on. How about next time they want to pass something that makes you pay for something even when you can’t afford it? Will you be included then!

Probably not, since they did it this time, they will most certainly do it again!

This is something that has to be stopped and rather quickly I might add. It’s not the way our government was meant to operate.!

We are the people and we are the government in this country, of which  those elected should all be doing things for the good of everybody and not telling us we have to do something for our own good, that many will unfortunately have to choose not to do and be fined.

That’s Just Plain Wrong!


Health Care For Everyone

I just don’t know where I am going with this, but one things for sure, If we let our government make us get health insurance and then let them FINE us if we don’t, there is definitely something wrong in America.

That is exactly what the health bill will do to each person who doesn’t buy health insurance. It will let the government place a fine on anyone who doesn’t purchase health insurance for their-self and their family.

Imagine that, first you are MADE or rather FORCED to buy health insurance for yourself and your family. But if you can’t afford and refuse to buy the coverage required by the government, you will be FINED by them. They probably will withhold your tax refunds or garnish your wages to collect the fine.

For anyone who is pretty well off, this bill is great. For anyone who isn’t hurting and getting by with a few bucks to spare, all the help they give to them may help. But it will hurt MILLIONS of hard working citizens who are really just struggling or have lost their health coverage and MILLIONS more who can’t afford it.

Sure I agree that everyone should have the right to see a doctor when necessary, but to give All Americans, health coverage by making you buy it and be FINED if you don’t is just plain wrong.

It isn’t stepping up to the plate to do what America wanted, let each person be insured even if they can’t afford it and without penalties.

This is the biggest failure of government to do what would be right for the majority of people, that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE! It will hurt the very MILLIONS who don’t have health coverage now because they can’t afford it. It’s not going to hurt the already insured, or the well to do.

I personally know of several times in my life that I couldn’t afford health insurance and didn’t have it. But I wasn’t penalized for not having it!

Now the government, who I guess is now for the rich and it shows, will make anyone who can’t afford health insurance get it or be fined. That isn’t what Health insurance coverage for everyone was supposed to be about.

Many presidents in the past have mentioned health insurance for everyone, and not one ever said, that those who couldn’t afford it, would HAVE to buy it, much less get FINED for not doing so.

The government was supposed to come up with a way to cover those who can’t afford it and not by making them pay for it.

It looks like the government has gone to the rich and they won’t ever give anything to the less fortunate in this country that would really make a difference and really help them to get ahead of where they are at now. That’s why you saw bailouts for WALLSTREET and MILLIONS of hurting people lost their homes, without any offers of help from the government that would have stopped the banks from collecting on those who had lost their jobs because of the recession!

I’m sorry, but you know what anyone who agrees with this health bill can do! You can take your health coverage for everyone and your big fat wallets (money) and shove them you know where!


Several states already are saying that they will take this to the supreme court as soon as Obama signs the bill. While other states already are circulating petitions, to give the voters the right to stop this from happening in their states.

I guess a lot of people don’t like this kind of lawmaking. Hey!

What are they thinking up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Education and Unity, a Countrys Basic Needs to Survive.

America is a melting pot of almost every nationality and ethnic group known to man. However it is becoming a country more and more divided by everyone’s personal beliefs and ways.

I celebrate this holiday and you celebrate that holiday, but one thing is for sure. If we continue to live separately, with our separate ways and teachings, then generation after generation citizens will become more and more divided and wanting things their own way, instead of agreeing on what’s best for all and for the country.

This is a country formed by many nationalities over 230 years ago. People who were then willing to put their own nationalities on the back shelf  and go along with what was put on paper for everyone in this country to believe in and follow as Americans.

Without the Unity, that starts with the schools educational curriculum about the United States, Americans will just separate more and more until everyone only wants whats relates to them and is willing to step on their neighbor to have it that way.

It started with the formation of a country, in which at that time, ALL of the people who formed it, felt devoted to it. They became “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.” With a Declaration in which they wrote, “All Men Are Created Equal.”

We have problems, with people and even our own government, fighting about everything in this country because of everyone’s personal heritage and beliefs and it won’t get any better unless we start to put the Country back in the school system. Let our children be the true natural-born citizens of this great country that they are, joined together in learning that America is their Country, together!

Until this Spirit is once again recognized as being the reason we are in this Great Country and it is put back in all schools where it belongs, as the corner-stone of the educational system for all our little citizens to grow up together believing in, there isn’t any person, group, organization, ethnicity, nationality, race or creed, who is pushing their own ways on everyone else, that will create a great country for everyone and have a fully functional government to top it off!

You celebrate this holiday and I will celebrate that holiday, but everyone had better learn that we have to celebrate America together, or it will vanish and the sad part is, our children will never experience the joy and freedom we had with it!


Link to the Declaration of Independence

The Government Loves You Fatso! (POP TAX)

Wow, did you ever imagine that the government loves you so much that they would take care of you in every way imaginable. Even in ways they shouldn’t be doing, because that is not why they are there.

Anyway, the new way they have thought of to love everyone, is to put a Fat Tax on many peoples favorite beverage and to tax it so heavily that you will not be able to drink as much because of the high cost. That will cause you to lose weight and be healthier, thus lowering the cost of health care in this country. Fat Tax MY Ass! Or FAT ASS TAX!!! You decide!

Wow, lowering the cost of health care for everyone, when they have been unable to come up with a health care plan for months and months now, that would give coverage to millions who go without it. If you added together all their pays for all the time they have wasted on the health care issue, they wouldn’t need the Fat Ass Tax on pop.

To do it, they are affecting no one but the lower class, because they are the ones who will suffer and skip buying pop, because it will be something else they don’t have money to afford anymore.

I have heard that the average price will go from a national average of $1.70 to $2.37 a two liter + the state deposit on top of that. That is a total jump of only 67 cents per 2 liter bottle. Not to bad Hey! That equals up to only a 40% jump in price. Just drink more BEER, it will be cheaper than pop soon!!!

I wonder why they just didn’t double or triple the price instead. Talk about price gouging, its to bad price gouging doesn’t pertain to taxation or they would end up with hefty fines or community service for even attempting a jump in price like that, but that’s our loving government for us.

Oh yea, that’s right, they already serve their community don’t they! Scratch that, Just throw them all in Jail! Do they have pop in Jail?

Just think America, the next time that you, or your family go out to eat, or to the movies, or bowling, or the fair, or a beach, or a park, or anything fun that we can barely afford to do once in a while now, it will now cost you more. Just Great, I already had to give up my cable TV because I’m turning into a couch potato!

Answer me this, would you! Just what the hell are the kids supposed to drink when we take them to all the fun places anyway? I haven’t seen a good substitute for pop in the same form as a dispensable fountain drink yet, that kids would ask for on a regular basis.  I know……Fountain CoolAid!!! Yea.

Nope, that wont work either, because that has sugar in it too. So how about a good glass of Fountain Water, little Suzie, to wash down that CANDY BAR  and all that PINK COTTON CANDY YOU JUST ATE!!!!!!! (Do you really think that just pop is the problem? What will be next people?)

Through this whole mess, the only thing that hasn’t gone up much in price at all is pop. The manufacturers have cut corners where necessary and have managed to keep their prices stable for the last year unlike most everything else that we buy.

They are about due to have to raise their prices sooner or later and now with the new Fat Tax added to pop first, how is this going to affect them or the price of pop if they raise their prices after the Fat Tax. Maybe they can just lay off more workers, so they don’t have to raise the base price any higher.

It’s no wonder why the government is becoming less and less credible in the eyes of the Hard working Tax Paying, Voting, American Citizens.

Did you catch the Voting part people???????? Huh!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pass me the popcorn and my pop and get the hell out a my favorite chair because I’m ready to watch a little C-Span on cable! I wonder why they don’t put the government channels on regular TV so everyone could watch?


Just Eliminate the Aisle?

The last presidential election held in this country was historic and for many reasons. This time many young voters and many people who have never voted or haven’t voted in a long time, joined in the election balloting.

The turn out at the polls was great, but there was more to it than that. There was a feeling in the air that something different in government was about to happen and I’m not talking about any of the historic facts that president Obama carries along with his presidency.

What I’m talking about is the feeling that was felt by most everyone. The spirit that was in the air, unlike most other presidential elections. The feeling that the old way of governing things above peoples heads and behind their backs was coming to an end. It felt like the government is actually ran by the voting citizens again and that the elected officials were going to be there to do what the public wanted them to do, not what big business wanted.

It actually felt that president Obama was an independent party and not a Democrat or a Republican. The feel was in the air, that it was going to be time to stop all of the party fighting and bickering on every issue that ends up on the table and come together across the aisle as leaders, to do what was best for the most people involved regarding every issue. (You can’t please all the people all of the time.)

The time to throw out the aisle and the party lines and all the trouble they cause in politics was upon us. It was time for a president that was able to get everyone together on the issues as the elected representatives they are and not the bought out, my party is better than your party idiots they frequently appear to be.

Face it, the old two party system used to work but now all it does is hinder the actual lawmaking process more than help it. It’s time to change from something that is broken, and unrepairable because of all the hands that have contributed financially to it’s meltdown and institute a new system in it’s place.

We need to get that feeling that was in the air back. We run the government and it’s not supposed to be the other way around as it is now. We need to throw out the electoral college and the two party system we have now and just strip everyone of any party at all. No more party lines at all, Period.

That would put our elected officials in there because the people want them and free their hands on important matters, so they don’t have to vote a certain way just because their party got a huge donation for their campaign from some big businesses, that want things ran a certain way.

Lets free our bought out lawmakers from having their hands tied by a party or big business and make them all independents. All of their campaign funds would be budgeted into the annual budget and the lump sum would be divided equally to all who decided to run. That’s all they would have and they would have to make the best campaign out of the equal funds they would get.

The publics real vote would be the deciding vote. No more of this winning the popular vote and still losing the election. We the people would now elect them the way it should be, by all those who choose to vote.

Once they were in office, all they would have to concentrate on is doing the best job they can. No more worries about aisles and party lines and payola by big business. This would put that old spirit back in the air for a long time, and who knows, maybe things would actually get done properly for once.

Anybody else think it’s time for a change?