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Budget Mobile. Another Free Phone.

December 8, 2014 1 comment

Here is a comment we thought deserved its own page.
Thanks Matt. That is what this blog is all about. Sharing things too help everyone get through tough times!

Hi Everyone. My name is Matt and I represent another company called Budget Mobile. We also offer a free cell phone, free minutes, and free texts every month to folks who qualify. In California, that means free unlimited talk and text every month! Most other states are limited to 250 minutes and texts each month. To learn more about California LifeLine, visit this link on our website: All other states we serve are listed on the front page of our website. Just click on your state’s name for more information.

Thanks Matt for letting us know of another option to get help in the form of a free phone.



Covenant House Of Michigan helping teens and young adults. House

A Non Profit Organization.
They will help anyone however they can, but specialize in helping younger folks who have no where to turn for help. FREE NO COST.

Oh, they are in many other states also.

They operate only on donations.

So if you need help then call them, or if you can help them with a donation then please do so.


The Holidays are Coming.

It’s getting to be that time of year again folks, where the air feels crisp, the beautiful fall colored leaves brighten our surroundings and the sunny days of summer are transformed into those cold and gloomy days of winter.

Cider mills are bustling with crowds of people, lined up waiting for those tasty treats. Pumpkins are being carefully selected and carted home too create those scary masterpieces we see in many front yards.

It isn’t long before we hear those words that seem to never be lost from year to year, Trick or Treat.

We musts had a hundred kids this year, dad tells mom as he pops one of the remaining morsels from the candy bowl into his mouth. Mom agrees, there were more kid than last year, as she sits on the couch rubbing her sore feet and watches her princess and spider man, compare the goodies they collected on their journey.

Days go by and now mom is looking all over for those missing gloves she thought she put away from last year, because it’s cold out and she has a lot of stores to visit to put together a Thanksgiving feast for all the relatives.

While they are out, dad quietly puts away a few summer items into the shed and digs out the snow shovels, predominantly placing them once again near the front door for easy access, all the while thinking to himself that it won’t be long now!

He ponders, that it should be cold enough this year too keep the extra beverages on the back porch again, while we make room in the fridge for all those tasty pumpkin pies and deserts.

Thanksgiving dinner was a big success as usual and with all the left overs, the pop will remain on the porch for a while longer.

Mon is now in a dizzy, (you do remember that Santa Clause has come tho town) between all of the I want that’s and the I sure could use one of those’s, along with trying too budget enough to still be able to give something to charity this year, she’s not only in a dizzy, but now she threatens that if she hears one more I Want, from anybody, that she will give everything to charity including the tree!

Wow, do you remember the Who’s down in Whoville, and that the Grinch’s heart grew three times it’s size that day. He have back everything he took and he even, carved the roast beast!

I sure hope you enjoyed this little warm up to the holidays, as it was fun too write. But I do have to ask you just one thing.

Please remember to give to charities, soup kitchens, and food banks this year as we celebrate this holiday season. Times are very though right now and they sure could use the kind donations as many people in our communities throughout America are not going too be celebrating the holidays unless we pitch in and make it happen.

Thank You for your kindness this Holiday Season! And in the words of a great comedian, (Red Skelton) Thank You And May God Bless, Goodnight.


The New Displaced Workers Guidebook (Michigan) is Out

Well, apparently there is someone in Michigan that does see what is going on and wanted to help. The Dean of the House of Representatives, John Dingell had a displaced workers guide on his site, listing many ways to find help in Michigan.

Problem was, unless you visit his site regularly, most people who are loosing or lost their job will never ever know the guide exists. I never did and I wish I had known about it when I was laid off for 14 months! Well it does exist and it has been revised.

The New displaced Workers Guidebook ( for Michigan) is now available and is like the encyclopedia of  “Where is What” for anyone loosing or who has lost their job.

Moneys Tight. is here to let the country know about things like this. That’s why we are here. We spread the word to you and you pass it on. So pass this on to anyone you know who is down right now and needs a little help.

Thanks Mr. Dingell for helping people when they can use it the most.

I would like to see some of the other states representatives step up to the plate for their citizens who need help badly also. If anyone knows of resources for other states such as this then by all means let us know so we can get the word out to those who need it.

Click the following link to get to the Guide and remember to let anyone who you think may need it, know it is here for them, thanks to the Honorable John D. Dingell. He’s one representative that knows we are all in this together folks!

Click — The New Displaced Workers Guide.

We will add it to the GET HELP page so it’s easy to refer to.

The Forgotten Society.

The forgotten society, will they ever be helped or just forgotten. The people that I am referring to are the people who are out of work and have exhausted their unemployment and have not found a job as of yet. There is a whole group of people who fit this category already and many more thousands to be added. But when will anything be done to help them or the people who have gone from that category to the next one, loss of their homes.

I hear daily of all kinds of new plans and incentives being given to all the people who are still working. From tax cuts which is giving them bigger pay checks, to refinancing their mortgages which is saving them thousands per year on their homes. Great I feel that everyone in America who has been affected by the economy should be given some help, but that’s just my point, everyone who has been affected, not just certain groups.

What the hell is wrong with the people who’s jobs were cut first, compared to the ones that are in line with their jobs still being decided upon. I don’t feel there is any difference between these people. When a line forms for anything then anybody from the first to the last person in that line should get fair and equal treatment right?

So what is going on with all the help for the ones who haven’t quite gone under yet and nothing for all the people who have been led to the cliff and pushed off already. Is this the right thing to happen here in America when even the first to loose their jobs are equal to the others and when you factor all the hours and pay for the two categories you will find that the only difference between any group of people who loose their jobs is the time that they got their pink slip and the day they started to collect unemployment, period and nothing else.

So why then are they being forgotten about. Why will we let them suffer for the rest of their lives as being the first out and never offered any help like others who became unfortunate after them or others who just experienced a few cuts in their household budget to get by but never lost a dime.

These people have lost everything and most have lost their homes and credit too. They will be affected much longer than anyone who went through this and will experience hard times for a much longer period of their lives than most . So where is their help Damn-it. These poor souls won’t have a mortgage, much less at a lower cost, for a heck of a long time, with their bad credit they have now, so wouldn’t it be the right thing to do.

They have lost homes, they have lost neighbors, they have lost family times, they have lost their pride, they have lost, their dignity, they have had to go to food shelters to eat, they have had to give up their cars because they can’t afford insurance or gas or car payments, they have lost everything that living in America has stood for over all these years and just because the help came a little later than they lost everything, they are to be forgotten about forever.

Many of these people were your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends, your team mates, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your pals, your buddies, etc, and they were lawyers, police officers, janitors, bosses, administrative assistants, mechanics, construction workers, laborers, firemen, fisherman, repairmen, electricians etc.. They held the same positions as many others who almost lost their jobs. So just forget about them all and I will tell you what, you have just created a new portion of society that will be the most resentful and as bitter as they can be.

Charity begins at home, or at least it should and it should cover everybody. We jump on a normal day as a Nation to donate funds to countries experiencing natural disasters and other major problems like war and such, when there is usually a group of people right here in the country that could use the help. But we as Americans can just turn a blind eye to the people here who have lost everything due to this economic war or crisis or disaster, whatever you want to call it. This country has always had a way of looking good by giving and each time they do, you hear many people complaining about how they need to start giving to those hurting right here in America, and this is a good example the Nation turning a blind eye on their own citizens that could use help once again.

Put yourself in their position and try to feel what they must be feeling right now and then imagine not getting any help at all and having your whole future messed up as well, while everyone below you is getting helped to get by and they are getting all of the breaks that will not be offered to you by the time you get your life straight again. I would imagine that this could turn a few people mad at the least, but if we were to find these people and help them get back on their feet without bad credit and replacing a few of the things they had, helping them back towards the level they were at before they became the unfortunate first group to go off the cliff, then we as Americans could sleep at night knowing that we take care of our own and that means everyone, even the forgotten society.


More and More are Stepping Up to Help.

Jay Leno, Thanks for the shows. Although I personally didn’t attend I heard you were a big hit. I was also happy to see news stories about how some local businesses in the area had some special deals going for the unemployed who had show tickets. I just wish they would have extended it to any one unemployed because not everyone could get tickets to the shows. More and more businesses are stepping up to help the people out here who are hurting and they are doing so in their own unique fashion. So I would like to help you, help others, by also having you post your deals and specials in this new Category called — KIND BUSINESSES HELP THE UNEMPLOYED.

Let us know what you are doing, when and how, and we will help to spread the word.

Thank you to the many fine business owners who are also struggling and still find ways to Care for others!


WCSX Hits a Home Run With the Unemployed

Here it is, short and sweet. The DJ’s at WCSX are putting together a banner of pictures of the faces of the people who have been effected by the economy so far. They will be taking it to Washington so that they can personally see some of the faces out here who have been hurt by the economy. Great Project Guys, Keep up the good work.

For more info on the project listen to 94.7 WCSX or go to their website by clicking the link below.


Look for — Faces Not Numbers