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Another money saving lunch idea

Another money saving lunch idea.

If you happen to decide to splurge and either go out for dinner or just order out, remember that you have to pack your lunch for work tomorrow.

What I mean is, when you decide what you want, many places will increase the amount of food you get for just a little bit more in price.

The extra quantities they give you are usually well worth the increase over the normal priced selections and usually more food than most people will eat.

So just remember when ordering that you want leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch and order the larger portions. Then when your meal comes simply ask for a carry out container and split it right there into two servings. Or if it was delivered simply split it at home yourself.

Now you have your lunch all set for the next day and remember, this works for each family memember equally as well and ends up being quite a money8 savings and a tasty lunch las well!

My personal favorite food to pickup and pack the leftovers for the next day is KFC ! A couple three pieces of chicken, some coleslaw and a biscuit or two is one of the best lunches that I treat myself to. Gosh I love that tasty chicken skin, there isn’t anything better in the whole world, Yummy!

Kids love it to!



KFC is Free again. Free KFC Chicken / OCT-26-2009

It may not seem like much and it might turn out to be another thing that El Polo Loco bashes KFC for, to again try to make a better name for themselves. When KFC decided not to include the last free offer on Mothers Day, they knew the free offer would only prevent, complete customer satisfaction to the normal huge increase of people getting chicken for mom on Mothers Day, so she doesn’t have to cook. Hey, at least KFC is trying to help again. That is a Good example of Real American Spirit folks.

It was published that Monday October 26th, 2009 plan to wait in line for a while at 5000 KFC ‘s because they are going to give everyone a free piece of their Kentucky Grilled Chicken and for no cost at all. They are not giving a meal like last time, but a piece of chicken for free still isn’t bad nowadays.

So lets thank KFC for trying again to be one of the businesses out there that realizes the times we are in and isn’t afraid to try to step up and help some people out a little, while promoting their new chicken! I’d like to see El Polo Loco try that!

Now please pass me a leg and dig in!


El Toro Loco, Bashing KFC Again?

Yes they are. It is unfortunate that a restaurant owner should have to bash their local competition in order to make a name for them self and try to become as big as they are. These types of actions are very similar to the smear campaigns that you hear every four years in the presidential campaigns.

This is not teaching children of America how to act properly or be respectable citizens either and it’s a crying shame that it happens in as many facets of life as it does. Even if the end result is winning the race that they are competing in, it is still not the right way to do things.

We need to set examples for the betterment of the American way of life, not do things that will make people think badly of those who are doing them. This is especially true of businesses and politicians. Sure as was said earlier they might get ahead that way, but it’s not the right way and they know it, along with millions.

Friendly competition is what America thrives on, not bashing people you can’t keep up with. We compete in all facets of our lives, from sports to business and the times when you feel the best, is when you won the race hands down, without even noticing your competitors were running against you. You are then the top and justifiably so. There is no one standing there at the finish line except your fans and no criticism flying around about your win. You have beaten the competition fair and square and everyone knows it. You are the big cohuna.

The ones who think they don’t have what it takes or think they can’t do it, are usually the main ones who bash others and play the game unfairly. The end result of this, is usually the same result that the Coyote always had when he went after the Road Runner, and no matter how many examples they see of this not working, they have to fail for themselves, just as the Coyote always did.

So get on a level playing field and challenge the competition in a fair and competitive manner, rather than bash them at every turn and you to can one day become a major player in the food world as they have become. Until then, please review this educational video to achieve an understand of the real meaning of fair competition and possibly become as big as them!