…..Late-night talk-show Wars are Over or Are They?

…..A Dog rescued on an ice flow 75 miles out to sea.

…..President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

Here’s the news…..

Late-night talk-show Wars are Over or Are They?…..

It appears that the late night juggling act is over for now. Leno takes back his 11:35 spot. Conan walks.

Conan was offered to keep The Tonight Show but at 12:05 so Leno could have a half hour show from 11:35 to 12:05 but as was pointed out by many, it would no longer be the Tonight Show it would be the next days show at 12:05.

Conan stood up for the integrity of the Tonight Show because it’s been on after the news at 11:35 for almost 60 years and he didn’t want the show ruined by having a new time slot for it, no matter who had it, so he walked instead of Leno. I applaud Conan for that-but,

This whole mess was caused by Conan back when he said he wanted to move up the ladder and have the Tonight Show. That’s when Leno agreed to try a new show at 10:00 and give Conan the Tonight Show so he could advance.

NBC, not being to awful smart, never wrote in provisions to anyone’s contract, as to what would happen if things didn’t work out. So now we have found out that Leno ranks a little higher than Conan to NBC.

Conan never thought twice about what would happen if things didn’t work out with Leno at 10:00 and it came back to bite him. Now instead of retiring at a ripe old age from the Tonight Show, he will more than likely move to a new network and start over again, with 33 million friends in his wallet.

Don’t feel bad though because Conan is good also and he will do OK almost anywhere he goes. So for now, until things change back in the fall and Conan is on another channel, my bets are on Craig Ferguson on CBS after Letterman, to grab a whole lot of viewers in the meantime. Besides, I have caught many of his shows since they moved Leno and he is unbelievably funny.

Craig is a real comedian and a real talk show host combined. Just go to YOU TUBE or find his site and check out some of his stuff. I have laughed more watching his show, than watching all the other nightly talk shows combined.

CBS has something there and they should think about switching him with Letterman, because all Letterman has over Ferguson is longevity or seniority and that’s it! For real comedy and talk, Ferguson runs rings around the others and Without Trying. He’s a Natural. Check him out at 12:35 on CBS he’s hilarious!

A Dog rescued on an ice flow 75 miles out to sea……

A Research ship out in the Baltic sea near Warsaw Poland, wandered upon a poor dog stranded on some floating ice in the middle of the sea. At first they figured the dog to be dead, but when they got closer they saw movement and sprung to action, rescuing the poor, nearly frozen to death pooch. Upon examination by vets, he seems to be in good health for his ordeal and his fur prevented his skin from getting any frostbite at all.

Now they are trying to find his rightful owner and many people are trying to claim him. (Has anyone checked to see if he has a I.D. chip) What they have found out so far, is that rescue attempts were made because people witnessed the dog floating down some kind of canal that lead to the sea.

I sure hope his rightful owner gets him back or he ends up in a good home. What I don’t understand though, is why didn’t they continue to try to rescue him. I feel that the officials involved in the decision to stop the rescue attempts should be set adrift on an ice flow for a few hours themselves, unless hey had darn good reasons for calling off the rescue attempts.

If they didn’t have good reasons, then they should do a little community service, just so they remember to try harder next time!

President Obama’s State of the Union Address……

I heard he had some good points and some bad. Some of the people liked some of what he said and some didn’t. So I think it was like any other one of those we have heard before. Explanations for what’s not happening and taking credit for what is happening, if it’s good. That’s what politics is all about. Isn’t it?

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