We will post the Newsbits by Thursday or Friday night. Friday – Sunday is generally when most people have time to catch up with the previous weeks news. Think about it. It makes sense.

News stories this week are;

…Santa Letters

…Sarah Palin

…Couple arrested for not paying tip.

…Police profiting from confiscated property even if you weren’t guilty.

…Congress giving homebuyers a $6,500 tax break.

NOW HERE’S THE NEWS! (I always wanted to say that!)

…..SANTA LETTERS are not going to be sent out from the post office this year because they found out a registered sex offender was answering letters to kids from one post office. The postal service doesn’t have the manpower or funds to check every writer so they are stopping the program.

Why don’t they just pre-register (August – October) all volunteer Santa’s helpers, at the state police posts in every state. I am sure there is an officer who could use that kind of background training at every post, and it isn’t like they would be swamped daily with Santa helpers either.  They could even create a list in every state and issue a computer generated Santa I.D. card for anyone wanting a Santa job that year. The DMV could even do it. Then come November all the police posts have to do is give a copy of the list to the post office or stores that need Santa helpers and the letters and season spirit will flow once again. The police posts and post offices could even use Santa lists and requests as a light duty job for an injured worker, who is on restricted duty. We are loosing enough rights and perks in this country as is and I sure hate for the kids in America to miss out on that part of being a kid. Come on, lets use our brains people!

…..SARAH PALIN is having trouble with the media again. A TV station and a magazine both did things they had to apologize for. A magazine used a picture of her in jogging shorts to talk politics, and a TV station showed an archived clip instead of the current clip they were supposed to show.

I don’t know about the clip incident but the magazine should have been handled by her a little differently. She simply could have pointed out that there were better more appropriate pictures of her for talking business, but that she was flattered about them choosing the cute jogging picture of her and dismissed it. If she starts dismissing these things in a simple manner, than it would put the spotlight back on the stories at hand and the mistakes would diminish. As mom used to tell us, “If you ignore them, they will leave you alone”.  Same principle!

…..COUPLE ARRESTED FOR NOT PAYING TIP. A couple in a party of six refused to pay the stated mandatory gratuity, after waiting over an hour for their food and having to get their own silverware. They paid the bill minus the tip and were arrested for not paying a portion of what they owed.

Are we still in America? Is this correct? Is it really even legal to be able to make a tip mandatory? A tip usually is decided upon by the customer and how much is given is dependent upon how you liked all the factors involved, like prompt service with not much wait for your food and having everything you need at your table without having to table raid another one, for something that is missing from yours. This is America and it’s time that mandatory gratuities be outlawed. Tip by the quality of service and no one will go to jail again over a tip. I know someone who left a penny once, but we will get into that later.

…..Police profiting from confiscated property even if you weren’t guilty. A lady dropped her friend off at a bank and when she came back to get her the police ticketed the waiting woman for solicitation, because she made eye contact with passing motorists and the drivers car was impounded for picking up a solicitor. All the charges were dropped, yet the person  still had to pay all the fees to get back their car and then repair the oil pan which had been damaged while towing it.

Another case of are we still in America? What is going on around here. That lady shouldn’t have to spend a dime and the car should be fixed for her. Instead it cost her thousands of dollars and she can’t afford a lawyer to try to get back the money. Hey, if the police are correct and someone is convicted then make them pay, but don’t charge the innocent. That isn’t correct!

…..Congress giving homebuyers a $6,500 tax break. Check the government sites for this one. There is a lot of factors involved in this one so check it out and you may get some extra needed cash back from the government.

Here is a link to the story. It contains more details, so don’t miss out on this! Cash back for home buyers.

That is the way the Moneys Tight., WEEKLY NEWSBITS  will work. So take care for now and we will see you next Thursday or Friday!


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