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…..The New Raisin Girl.

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AN ACT OF KINDNESS….. I caught a neat story of an act of kindness that was completely from the heart. It seems that a woman was going to take the money for her mortgage payment and help out her daughter by sending the money to her for food for her and her kids, as they had recently discussed in a prior phone conversation. The big problem is that she would have fallen into foreclosure by not paying the mortgage that month.

So she calls her daughter and starts telling her that she is sending the money for food and finds out that she has dialed a wrong number and gotten someone else instead.

The lady she got (Virginia Saenz) was so taken by the meaningful words and explanation about the money, that she told the lady she was going to buy the food for her daughter so she could make her mortgage payment.

Virginia then called the daughter and asked what she needed and the reply was for just a couple of things which told her they really needed a lot. So she and her fourteen year old son went shopping Thanksgiving morning and bought the fixings for a complete turkey dinner and enough groceries to last until the daughter got some more money.

The groceries were given and Virginia Saenz said “I think it’s what anybody would have done.” end of story.

Wow, you just don’t find kind people like that too much anymore, and I think that Virginia Saenz should be honored for the act of kindness that she showed to a fellow human being in need and who was a total stranger to her, besides!

Wow again! Just stop and think what a better world it would be if more people would do what they could for people who are truly in need!


Virginia Saenz

A Rollmodel for Society.

The New Raisin Girl…..

The girl on the raisin box is being changed to a more modern looking girl from now. I guess a lot of people who eat raisins are not happy with the change.

I will add a poll somewhere and the votes will tell.

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