Here’s the scoop.

…..Alert paper delivery man saves 93-year-old man.

…..What happened with the Asian Fish poisoning project?

…..The polar ice caps could melt in 5 years.

…..Metro Detroit area unemployment estimated at around 50%.

…..Teens find baby and hear from her twenty years later.

…..A child full of pins and needles?

…..Secret Santa’s.


Alert paper delivery man saves 93-year-old man…..

Cristal Shaw, a 40-year-old news delivery man, noticed that the papers had collected on an elderly gentleman’s porch for three days. Recognizing this as unusual, he notified police and they found the man alive with a broken hip, after he laid on the bathroom floor for three days. The man is recovering in the hospital.

This goes to show you how some people will react in peculiar situations. Some will put forth more thought and effort, acting upon what they feel, where some just continue through their regular paces. Had it not been for this observant and very intelligent man acting upon his intuitions, the elderly gentleman could have died before being found.

I feel that Cristal Shaw deserves an award from the city that he delivers in. He is truly a person who cares about others and his job and is a good role model to follow. HATS OFF Cristal, You Deserve It!!!!!

What happened with the Asian Fish poisoning project?…..

Last week they were supposed to poison a section of a river, to stop the spread of Asian Carp. Since then I have not heard a word as to what happened or if it worked or not.

Anyone Know?

The polar ice caps could melt in 5 years…..

Wow, just imagine what will happen to all that wild life. Many animals will die or become extinct if they don’t find land and learn to adapt real quick to their new environment, which is highly unlikely.

The bad thing about it is that we are not doing a thing to save any of the affected wildlife right now from becoming extinct. If we start now and start putting them in zoos and transferring them to similar climates we may be able to save a few or even a few species, before it’s to late.

Metro Detroit area unemployment estimated at around 50%…..

I just heard it estimated that the unemployment rate was about 50% for the Metro Detroit area.

Type Detroit blight in The YOU TUBE search box and check out some of the videos. You will fall off your chair when you see the vast areas full of dilapidated houses and businesses. And that’s just what some brave souls filmed while chancing to drive through the area.

Go ahead and check them out, you will utterly be amazed!!!!!

Teens find baby and hear from her twenty years later!…..

Twenty years ago two teens found a newborn baby on a porch step and turned it over to the police. They gave the baby a teddy bear at the hospital where she was being checked out to see if she was OK.

Time passed and a couple adopted the baby. The baby got older and never knew she was found abandoned, until one day she read a cutout article her adopting mom had saved, explaining how she had been found and by who.

Wanting to thank and see the teens who found her she ended up finding them on Facebook. She emailed them and yes she had found them. The rest is history.

Imagine the emotions that were flowing at that reunion! Thank ‘you for good kids who decided to step in and do the right thing. They are the reason for the happiness that came from a bad situation to begin with. If only everyone taught their kids that well! What a place this would be to live.

A child full of pins and needles?…..

Apparently, a father while seeing a woman who he said had cast a spell on him, had inserted Almost two hundred needles through the skin of his child, over a period of time.

The child was x-rayed for some reason and that’s when it was discovered.

Father arrested, and doctors slowly over time are removing the needles but some involve the heart and the lungs so the doctors have to figure out what to do.

Now folks, I had repaired some plumbing for a friend a month or so ago and cut my palm while doing so, not realizing what actually happened.

I spent the last month after the cut scabbed over, in extreme pain any time I would use or flex my right palm. Just the other day after rubbing the scab hard because that’s what I thought the pain was from, it fell off and there was a little black speck underneath it. I scraped it with my finger nail and lifted up a copper splinter just over a quarter inch in length and pointed inward towards the knuckle where your fingers join the hand. I pulled it out and treated the wound.

Now it is well, but that splinter gave me a little taste of what that child must feel with all those needles inside and under his skin. I can’t imagine how that child could have moved a muscle or functioned, much less than consider the pain inflicted by his father while doing this to his child.


I feel that only locking up this sorry excuse for a human being for however long, just isn’t good enough for all the pain he caused his child to experience in his young and fragile life to this point.

What about you?

Secret Santa’s…..

Well the Secret Santa’s are at it again. They are a group of well to do guys that run around at Christmas time and give out $100 dollar bills to people who look like they need it.

All they ask of you is that you pass on a simple act of kindness to someone else.

Don’t hold your breath though. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery than running into a Secret Santa!

I guess the thought is nice though!

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