…..Man lifts car off of girl.

Man lifts car off of girl…..A man witnessed his daughters friend being hit by a car and pinned under it while someone backed out of their drive and didn’t see the girl there.

The man, around 180 lbs lifter the rear end of the car and shoved it sideways to free the girl. The girl was only under long enough for a concussion and minor injuries. The girl’s family say he is truly their hero and superman.

Later the man tried lifting several cars the same way and couldn’t budge one of them!

Can adrenalin give someone super human strength or is their really divine intervention? I guess the answer is simple. If you believe, than it was divine intervention, otherwise it was the adrenalin rush that did it.

The sad part is that everyone must always be right and many people can’t face the facts that they choose wrong, even if it is proven.

Anyway, Three cheers to a real hero. Someone who acted for the good of another human being.

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