This weeks Newsbits—

…..Tiger Woods

…..Michigan Smoking Ban

…..Three year old kills self with gun

Here’s the News;

Tiger Woods…..

Wow is about all I can say. Isn’t it amazing how the all the media, TV and radio personalities have jumped on the band wagon with this story! Wow, I don’t think that there is one person in the U.S. or abroad who hasn’t heard about this story, somewhere.

It has hurt his life and fame tremendously and he will never be able to completely erase the slate, ever. So either stick with him or against him, but the ball is already rolling with what the fallout will be from his actions, so either back him or forget him, but let’s get him out of the news already. Let’s get the spotlight back on Washington and the economic crisis which hasn’t gone away yet and will be around a lot longer.

Michigan Smoking Ban…..

Well people, we just lost another right to a privilege here in Michigan. If the Governor signs the bill, than as of May of 2010, there will be no more smoking in any public place in Michigan, except at a Smokers store that sells tobacco products. Maybe.

What seems to be happening though, is that the smokers are more and more willing to give up alcohol also.

More smokers that talk about loosing their privilege to smoke legally, in a smoking section just for them, as it has been for years, are now saying that they should push for a ban on alcohol because of the all the health related complications it causes, along with all the domestic trouble and deaths it has caused from drunk driving.

Imagine that! The people who don’t smoke, care enough for the smokers health and their own, to want smokers to stop smoking and the smokers actually are starting to care enough for the health of those who drink, along with their own safety, that they in turn are talking about working on a full-blown campaign to start eliminating alcohol from public places.

Wow, what a caring world we live in! Now doesn’t all this caring leave you feeling just a bit warm and fuzzy all over!

Three year old kills self with gun…..

This is a case involving immediate family members.

I guess a three-year old child visiting their 43-year-old grandmother, wandered out of sight in grandmas house while visiting her and got a hold of the loaded pistol she kept for protection at night.

The unfortunate child is not with their loved ones any longer, and they are grieving heavily as anyone who lost a child or grandchild would be.

With a society as huge as ours (over 300 million +) we can expect to hear this a couple of times a year at least, with or without gun laws and with or without the gun owner and victim being close relatives.

Do you think that grandma loved the little child so much, that she will live each one of her remaining days on earth, persecuting herself for the stupid mistake, that took her dear grandchild’s life in such a tragic manner? Do you think that every time she hears of someone else on the news that made the same mistake, she will die a little more inside because of her tragic memories? Do you think that locking her up will prevent this from ever happening again? Would the millions of dollars spent in incarcerating these people, be better spent on gun education material and an ongoing preventative advertising campaign that is similar to the one for drug abuse and addiction?

You take it from here people-

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