…..Two far out web cam stories you gotta hear.

…..Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley – Sit Down

…..Almost suspended for zero tolerance and a Lego

…..You Go, Rocket Sled Man

Two far out web cam stories you gotta hear…..

The first involves someone far away watching a sunset through a web cam and they spot a man who after a short while, gets into a life threatening situation. I don’t know what it was that happened to the man, but the person watching called police and they contacted the correct authorities to perform a rescue that saved the mans life. Wow

In the second one a lady had been watching a rhino pen, where the rhino was to give birth, and when the lady who was thousands of miles away saw it starting to happen, she notified the zoo officials who showed up in time for the birth. They would have missed a rare albino rhino birth had they not been alerted by the woman thousands of miles away.

All I got to say is brush your teeth, comb your hair and smile, because somewhere, someone may be watching you. And you were upset about big brother, remember!

Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley – Sit Down…..

You are out of order so sit down. I am not defending the President for what he recently said, about how people shouldn’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when they are trying to save for college. He also said that people should use vacation dollars instead of tuition dollars to have fun.

Now here comes poor old confused Congresswoman Shelley Berkley saying that the President is picking on Las Vegas and he should let Americans decide for themselves, how and where to spend their hard-earned vacation dollars.

What did she miss? He said they should spend their hard earned vacation dollars and not their tuition dollars to have fun.

Congresswoman, it sounds like he is letting the American people decide how and where to spend their vacation dollars, Shelly! He simply added that they shouldn’t be spending their tuition dollars and for that you blow a fuse over how he is against Las Vegas! He said himself, that every time he goes there he has fun.

Congresswoman, you are the kind of mistake that voters make once in a while and I hope they correct it the next time your name is on the ballot. Closed, unlistening minds, who are completely one sided, is just what we don’t need fighting for us citizens.

I will tell you one other thing that you probably aren’t aware of, because of your stature. There is a group of millions of Americans out here that will probably never make it to Las Vegas in their entire lifetime, because they are not as well to do as you are.

Also, there are millions of Americans out here who have lost everything they owned, above their job’s and they need every penny they can scrape together right now, for tuition for further training to even have a posibility of being employed once again, so they can vacation in Vegas like many of them used to.

Congresswoman, do us all a favor and next time let someone that is able to look at the big picture of things without getting screwed up, have your seat .

Get it in your head that no-one hates Las Vegas, except those who will never be able to afford to go. And what are you going to do to combat those people? Actually stand up and fight for higher and more fair wages in this country, so maybe someday everyone could afford to take a vacation, not only the rich who have money to throw away on gambling. Probably not.


Almost suspended for zero tolerance and a Lego…..

A kid brought a small (less than 2 inch) solid plastic Lego machine gun building block to school and he was almost suspended because of the ZERO TOLERANCE gun rule in the schools of America.

I agree that there should be zero tolerance for real guns and even toy guns that look real. The problem is that there are no descriptions for the zero tolerance thing that principles have to adhere to. They have to start a big case over everything or they could end up loosing their job if they don’t. The law has taken away the rights that come with earning the job they do.

They can no longer stand up and decide for themselves if something is OK or not, and that is a shame to have happen to a whole group of hard working professionals in this country.

Sure, principals, parents and kids all need to know the consequences of bringing certain things to school and there definitely needs to be some kind of guidelines set, so that everyone is on the same page of what’s not allowed.

This would have freed up that principle to just handle the incident himself and simply tell the boy not to bring it back. That gives the complete decision making rights back to the ones who earned them.

It just appears that the law officials are being slack in putting down on paper the description of what isn’t allowed in school. That is why they simply labeled guns as zero tolerance.

Zero tolerance is to broad of description for any category. Lets be more descriptive and set aside any more of these false alarms over Lego’s or those little green army figures who have even smaller plastic guns than the Lego’s do.

Were adults here, so why can’t we be reasonable?

You Go, Rocket Sled Man…..

A guy who has a sledding party every winter for his friends, wanted to do something to top whatever he did last year to show off in front of them. And boy did he ever. I just wish it had been on YOU TUBE that’s all. Just the site of the scorched sled in the news article was hilarious. Here is the way I heard it, with my reactions added in parentheses.

They say that there was alcohol involved because it was a party and so he decided to take a muffler and tailpipe off a motorcycle (chuckle chuckle) and then pack it full of gunpowder and gasoline. (smile chuckle chuckle) Then he added a long fuse to the mix ( snicker laugh) and to top it all off, he strapped it to his back. ( chuckling harder, laughing more) He wanted to get that rocket booster effect while sledding down hill, so away he went as his friends lit the fuse. (laughing out loud) As he sped down the hill he suddenly erupted into a ball of smoke and fire. (laughing uncontrollably eyes watering) Landing on the sled, on fire as the explosion rattled windows, he slid and rolled down the hill in a blaze of glory. ( on the floor laughing, crying, rolling around )

I guess his friends ran down the hill chasing after him, finally catching him and put him out with only 20 percent burns to his torso and someone called the police because of the noise and commotion. ( wiping tears from my eyes and laying on the floor with my sides hurting ).

All I can say is I hope he films what he decides to do next year, so we all can enjoy it on YOU TUBE.

Now here’s a little musical tribute to our Rocket Man!


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