The Stories

…..Man fly’s plane into IRS building.

…..Supreme court allows free speech (campaign finance) by big business.

Man fly’s plane into IRS building…..

A man flew a single engine Cessna airplane into the side of a 7 story tax building in Texas, but before going to the airport he set his house on fire. I guess he was in trouble or just disliked the IRS somehow and had 3 past companies he stared that all failed. That may have contributed to his problems, I really don’t know.

Somewhere on the web he wrote against the government and I guess flying that plane into that building went along with the anger that he had apparently expressed in his writings.

This is the part where I must say he was wrong for doing such a thing.

I understand how people can get angry over situations they are in, but to be so hung up on a building being a symbol, to forget that there are ordinary people who work there and are trying to make a daily living just like anyone else, is nothing more than being obsessed in the wrong way.

I am sure that many good things have happen in this country because people became obsessed and did things the correct way in order to get things changed. That’s the way it should be.

If you have a gripe than by all means go ahead and gripe about changing what is wrong. After all this is America and we still have free speech, (well at least the last time it was challenged we did). But if your actions are going to hurt or kill even just one person, whether you feel they are innocent or guilty than you are wrong.

We do not have to act like some third world countries by expressing ourselves with violence. We as American citizens can put things on ballots and make things so people can vote on them.

Yes I know there has been riots and civil wars in this country, but just because they happened does that necessarily mean that, it was the only way to fix things? Not necessarily, because those type of actions are usually sparked by obsession and as we just looked at there are other ways to handle things we get obsessed about and without the loss of innocent lives.

So stand up and be heard but don’t harm anyone in doing it. Just remember there are people out there that feel you are the best even though you may not know it. Find out who they are and have them help you try and change things the right way.

It’s definitely more fun and challenging and you will live longer also!

Taking extreme actions on your obsession generally will end up with nothing changing at all and even if it did, it generally means that you aren’t going to be around to bask in the glory of having changed it, and someone else will probably be credited with doing it if it were to change later.

Supreme court allows free speech (campaign finance) by big business…..

Great for Big business and good for the upholding of free speech in this country, but bad for the citizens of the United States of America and here’s why.

Big business is a needy group when it comes to government regulations and laws that govern what their businesses can and can not do. When they need some regulations passed or stopped that will help their business, all they have to do is to give donations to the campaigns of the front runners who once elected will be voting on these issues when they are in office and guess what?

When it comes time for that vote, a little phone call to remind the politician that the company donated to their campaign and helped them get elected is all it takes to get a favorable vote for the company by the politician.

What, you think a politician wouldn’t do that because they are elected officials and sworn to do the business of the people who elected them! Well all I have to say is, when was the last time you ever heard of some elected official being brought up on charges against them. Just cruise through the local newspapers online and it won’t take long to find a ton of stories like that. Politicians are crooked (at least the majority, are) you know that from listening to your parents talk when you were a kid, remember!

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