The Stories.

…..Girl beaten and guards watch.

…..Dog found at sea is going back.

…..Chocolate is good for you, after all!

Girl beaten and guards watch…..

A girl in a subway was beaten by four idiots who were trying to steal her I pod and other things, as three security guards stood there and watched.

I guess that since they were unarmed guards, their orders are only to observe what goes on and to call for police if things get violent.

Many security guards that you see daily, are unarmed and their orders are the same, watch and report and call police if necessary, but don’t get involved.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the usefulness of this type of guard in public situations, where violence may occur.

Those guards should have been guarding someplace that needs visual observance and presence to warn off would be thieves. A car lot or long term parking lot or a closed building under construction is where guards like that should be placed, not in public to prevent crime and violence.

It seems to me that the company or city or whoever’s job it is to hire guards for public places, could be held liable for hiring guards that can’t effectively handle anything that could occur, thus creating a false sense of security to the public.

Maybe the guard companies are partially to blame for placing the wrong type of guards in many situations. It also could be the person hiring the guard for the city or company that doesn’t know exactly what kind of guard they may need, when someone asks them to find one.

I don’t think it’s that though, because the guard companies should have the knowledge and expertise to ask the appropriate questions to anyone who is hiring one of their guards, that would tell them exactly what kind of guard is needed for the job, no matter who calls to hire one.

So what went wrong in this case? I hope the girls lawyers who sue the city and the guard company for being incompetent, sure find out for her. I hope she hires Geoffrey Fieger from Detroit, he is Good.

I sure hope, the three guards can at least muster up enough guts to visit the girl and apologize as to why they didn’t help her in her predicament.

Now everyone go home and explain to your children, that just because they see a security guard does not mean they will be safe, until the adults responsible for public security at the upper levels of command and business learn how to place security guards and armed guards properly!

Dog found at sea is going back…..

It now looks like the dog that was found adrift on an ice pack in the middle of the Baltic sea, was a stray, as he showed no affection towards anyone that tried to claim him. Dont worry though, he now has a new name and a new place of residence.

He will be living and traveling with the man from the ship that saved him. His name will be Baltic and he will be the boats mascot so to speak. Baltic has a new home because of a man who has a soft spot in his heart and wasn’t afraid to show it to the world.

Maybe some of these teenagers who mutilate helpless animals for the fun of it, will learn that even a huge mean looking man is allowed to have real feelings that he can show to the world without fear of being laughed at.

Baltic you are in good, kind, and loving hands now and thank you very much to the man who showed the world the right thing to do. You sir are indeed a real human being and a true role model.

Chocolate is good for you, after all!…..

It seems that a new study out about one of many peoples favorite snack foods, is now telling us to have a couple of serving sizes a week.

Chocolate is now supposed to cut your risk of a stroke by up to 20% and with Valentines day coming there isn’t any tastier way to get healthy.

So Happy Valentines Day and pass the chocolates.

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