Haiti, Donate to the Red Cross.

Just imagine sitting in the hot sun with dirty crying people all around you. You sit and sit because you have nothing left that you owned but the clothes on your back. Your bed is now a park or a street filled with hundreds of strangers in the same situation as you.

No food, no pillow, no water, no bed except a piece of scrap cardboard pulled from the rubble. Your bathroom is anywhere you can find a space that isn’t near anyone else and totally visible by everyone.

Hunger and thirst start to set in day after day as you hear people constantly fighting for some scraps they found in the rubble. Someone near you offers a little corner of a slice of bread they stole from someone else because they can see that you are starting to get weak.

Deadly fights for anything that is edible or drinkable are the norm now and you don’t have the strength left to fight. You just go over to where the fight took place to look for something edible that may have dropped to the ground during the last fight.

Life has stopped and now you just sit with people you befriended and wait for some help to arrive. All the while looking at a backdrop of death surrounding you, unable to escape the smell of rotting flesh that lingers in the breeze.

One can only imagine what those poor people are going through.

Send every cent you can, to a reputable charity that has pledged to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. They surely need it.

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